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June 25th, 2018

First Poster For “The Beaver” Is As Creepy As It Gets

The website has put up the first poster for “The Beaver”, which is the Mel Gibson-starring, Jodie Foster-directed dark comedy about a guy that uses a beaver puppet to communicate. Here is that poster. Wow. Simply…wow.

Say what you want about Mel Gibson and his personal troubles, but the guy is pretty good behind and in front of the camera. This poster also shows that he doesn’t have a problem making fun of himself. You could say he doesn’t really have a choice at this point, but regardless, he’s still willing to sort of take a shot at himself.

The real certainty here is that this is the creepiest puppet I’ve ever seen. Way, way creepier than that Lamb Chop or Madame puppet. I’m honestly having trouble looking at it and I’m considering sticking a Post-It Note on my monitor until I am finished writing here. I bet you think it’s the eyes that are creeping me out. Nope. It’s the mouth. The teeth-tongue combo is really making me insane. In fact, I bet that watching this movie will be more intense and disturbing than watching James Franco hack off his own arm in “127 Hours”.

The Beaver Movie, Mel Gibson


  1. Peter

    I agree with you. Mel gibson is a great talent and I look forward to seeing the Beaver! GO Mel!

  2. SD

    Heard Mel gives an awsome performance. Congrats Mel and Jodie, wont miss it.

  3. james

    The success of this movie could make all of the anti-Mels in Hollywood cringe.

    When Charlie sheen *actually* beats and kills his wife, tears up a room in a coke-fueled rage with a 12K hooker in the closet – that’s just fine.

    But if in a drunken stupor you make the foolish but not completely illogical argument that the Jews are responsible for the wars in the world right now – you’re a dead man.

    By the way – Gen. Patraeus has said on several occaisions that the #1 reason behind the anger driving terrorism and threats to our troops is the US support of Israel’s ridiculous policies in Israel.

    So is Gen. Patraeus anti-semetic as well.

    Despite all of that, and as cheezy as Mel can be – he also has some talent in him. This could be good …

  4. KK

    Does anybody know what festival will open this film? I’ve been wanting to see it since before it was shot, based on the reputation of the script when Jim Carrey was attached to it. Even though I don’t approve of Mel’s behavior or comments, I suspect Foster & Gibson did a mind-bending job on this indie dark comedy. This is taking longer than a new Apple product release! I want to see it already!

  5. GS

    Wont miss any movie starring Mel Gibson