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February 17th, 2019

Eli Roth catches Psycho Killer

Eli Roth teams up with his “The Last Exorcism” partners – co-producer Eric Newman and Paris-based Studio Canal for another horror movie. This time it’s a suspense thriller “Psycho Killer” based on screenplay by Andrew Kevin Walker, the writer of “8mm” and “Seven.”

Gavin Prolone – producer of “Zombieland” – will debut as director, while Roth and Newman will produce the story of a nameless masked murderer leaving a trail of victims across the U.S. until one day he kills a highway patrolman, leaving a witness – his young wife, an officer herself. Naturally, she won’t stop until she puts the madman behind bars.

For the moment casting call has been sent out, and producers are firstly focused on finding a female lead that’s a well-known actress, but not a big star yet.

Based on his comment to Variety, Roth is pretty optimistic about his next project: “When people read the name “Psycho Killer” from the creators of “Seven” and Hostel,” they know they are in for an intense ride, but one that will be smart and original.”

The movie is scheduled to start shooting late spring in Michigan.


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