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September 23rd, 2018

Leonardo DiCaprio To investigate JFK Assassination

Already getting ready to play J. Edgar Hoover in the upcoming Clint Eastwood’s biopic, Leonardo DiCaprio has committed to another historical project dealing with political conspiracies. He will produce (on behalf of his production house, Appian Way) and star in “Legacy of Secrecy” based on the book by Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann (2008), which revealed lots of new information concerning the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy.

According to DiCaprio’s publicist, he will play Jack Van Laningham, an FBI informant who befriended Mafia godfather Carlos Marcello, and obtained his confession to involvement in murder of JFK. Warner Bros., which released Oliver Stone’s “JFK” in 1991, is willing to release this new take on the famous mystery in 2013 – the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s death.

The FBI operation with Laningham and the story behind Marcello’s confession remained a secret until Waldron and Hartmann published the declassified FBI files from the National Archives in their book.

Carlos Marcello, who ruled organized crime in Louisiana and most of Texas for decades who died in 1993, has long been of interest to authorities investigating JFK’s murder. FBI and Secret Service files cited in “Legacy of Secrecy” show that over a dozen of mafia kingpin’s men and family were questioned or arrested in connection with the murder. However Marcello’s name didn’t appear in the 1964 Warren Report on the assassination presented to President Johnson.

DiCaprio will produce the film with his father George DiCaprio, who first brought “Legacy of Secrecy” to his son’s attention. A certain acclaimed director, who previously worked with DiCaprio, is reportedly expressed interest in the movie.


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