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April 21st, 2018

Congrats To The Dude, Hes Married

We dont normally talk about our personal lives but I wanted to take a quick minute and share a congratulations with all our readers for The Dude aka Mike P. He recently got married after years and years of trying to convince a woman that he is not a stoner looser who sits around his house wearing his house coat, drinking milk and smoking pot all day long ( which he does ). So it seems that after alot of medication and plenty of focus on showering and brushing his teeth The Dude has gotten hitched.

Mike has written for MoviesOnline pretty much from day one providing a weekly box office report and as much as I nag the crap out of him to write more he never manages to. Now that he is married I think it will no longer be my job to nag him since a much better person has that job now.

Mike has grown to become a personal friend of mine and its with alot of pride I wish him well and hopefully not that he is married and a ‘grown up’ we will see more of his ramblings about film on MoviesOnline.

So from everyone at MoviesOnline congrats bro on getting hitched. Wish you and your better half a lifetime of happiness.


  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations Dude welcome to the world of The Married Man. Yes it deserves the capitals because it’s a big scary place 😉 You are now officially a grown up :) Just don’t get dull and boring like Michael (the one who wrote this article, not you).

  2. Anonymous

    My best wishes to The Dude and his bride.

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