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June 19th, 2018

Cameron Crowe Buys a Zoo, Some Actors to Go With It

When was the last time we saw Cameron Crowe? Besides a Pearl Jam music video, it was Elizabethtown, which was nice/cute enough, I guess, but ultimately flawed, overlong, and depended on a performance from a guy who’s built a career on starring in epics where his acting wasn’t the most important part of the film. Still, we assure you, Almost Famous is amazing (trust me, it is).

As if to get back to that Almost Famous groove, he’s now working on a film based on a memoir, We Bought a Zoo, which stars Matt Damon as a guy who, um, buys a zoo. Now, Deadline reports, Cameron Crowe has picked up a couple new additions to the cast: Elle Fanning will play “a 13-year-old who works at the zoo’s restaurant” and Almost Famous star Patrick Fugit will play an as-yet-unnanounced role.


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