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April 19th, 2018

Box Office Winner: SAW 3D vs Paranormal Activity 2.

Those of you who read my daily rants should know that I am not a fan of 3D for the sake of 3D. So it should come as no shock to anyone that I was predicting SAW 3D was going to get its ass handed to it by Paramounts latest Paranormal Experience Paranormal Activity 2. Now that Halloween is over and things are ramping down in the horror world lets look at the Box Office Numbers and see which movie came out on top.

Paranormal Activity 2 to date has brought in $117million world wide which is almost as much as the original film which made $193million according to BoxOfficeMojo. The sequel was a clear cut cash in on the popularity of the first one but it seems that despite this its a fantastic movie and one that has pleased horror fans. Luke one of our resident critics reviewed it and I encourage you to give his review a read [ Paranormal Activity 2 Review ]

SAW 3D has currently brought in $45million world wide which is by no means an un-impressive number. It is about $20million less then SAW VI and for those who cant do math in their head like me that is also over $50million less then Paranormal Activity 2. We are huge horror fans on this site but to give you an idea on how un-interested all of us were for SAW 3D not one of us went to see it. So in fairness it might actually be a fun conclusion to the SAW franchise but from the reviews I have heard its what you might expect. Rather then sending Jigsaw to space they threw him into 3D and tried with little effect to tie all the loose ends together and close the franchise.

So kids the verdict is that as much as Lionsgate wanted SAW 3D to be the big last hurrah for the franchise it was unable to topple the juggernaut that is Paranormal Activity 2. And although Jigsaw may be done Paranormal Activity is most certainly not as Paramount has already talked Paranormal Activity 3.


  1. Jordan

    The reviews have been negative on ALL of the Saw movies. When is a GREAT movie ever critically acclaimed? Most of the best movies ever made, critics HATED. I seen Saw 3D, and yeah, it wasn’t all that great, but the Paranormal Activity is awful all-around. It’s driving force is high school guys who take their girlfriends so they’ll squeeze their arm and be scared.

  2. Jink199

    Saw 3D is way better than stupid paranormal activity 2!!! I think saw was way scarier than paranormal activity 2!!!! ESPECIALLY the traps from saw!!! And saw is more bloodier than DUMB PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2!!! I think saw 1-7 is the best horror series in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jink199

    Have you seen all the saws? If you have jordan you would understand of what happend in saw!!!

  4. Jink199

    see-ya people i gotta go to bed!!!!! Goodbye!!!!!!

  5. Jink199

    jordan talk to me!!!

  6. Jink199

    Im still waiting Jordan and your still a pansy!!!

  7. Jink199

    saw 7 is the best horror series in the WORLD!!! The traps and endings are the best to me!!! Paranormal activity 2 is dumb!!!! SAW 3D is awesome!!! SAW 3D is AWESOME because its in 3D!!!! SAW is bloody witch I like!!! paranormal activity sucks,reaks,stupid,nonscary,and retarded!!! saw 1,saw 2,saw 6,and saw 3D rock!!!!!!!!!!! SO IF ANY OF YOU GUYS THINK SAW IS STUPID YOU ARE STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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