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May 20th, 2018

Black Friday Deals: Walmart Blurays for $5!

Black Friday is coming and the staff here at MoviesOnline will be doing our very best to scour the internet and bring you the best possible deals for you to go and capitalize on. We will be looking for DVD deals, Bluray Deals, Gaming and TV deals. Pretty much anything that will entertain you and your family and save you a bundle of money.

First up we have Walmart which is offering an insane Bluray dealy. Starting on Friday at 12:01am you can score a multitude of Blurays for the fantastic price of just $5.

Most Bluray deals we see are frankly crap movies we could all care less about checking out but Walmart is not going that route on Black Friday. They have fantastic titles on Bluray for $5 including Superbad, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Ice Age and more! My biggest beef with Bluray has always been how expensive the format is but I do own a Bluray player now and what better way to grow my collection then at $5 a pop.

Head to your local Walmart at 12:01 am if your frisky and up for some crack of midnight shopping and snag some great Blurays for an awesome price. While your at it feel free to pick me up a couple copies :)


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