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February 23rd, 2019

Watch New Banned Beyonce TV Commerical HEAT

I honestly am not sure what all the major fuss is about the new Beyonce TV commercial since I have clearly seen alot worse. The flip side is I dont want my 4 year old son seeing this kind of crap on the TV. Is the ad trying to sell her new perfume HEAT or is it trying to prove that Beyonce is in HEAT?

The tag line for this commercial and marketing campaign is ‘catch the heat’ and if the goal is to generate alot of buzz amongst males I think it is working. Will it self perfume to women? I dont know, you tell me!

Checkout the TV commercial below and you tell me, controversial? Deserved to be banned? Or do you not care? To me the Miley Cyrus racey videos are FAR worse then this TV commercial if only for the fact she is 17 and that seems to be ok to air.

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