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June 25th, 2018

A/K/A Tommy Chong Review

As I continue my quest to watch more documentaries I now bring you my review of AKA Tommy Chong. The story of Tommy Chong half of Cheech and Chong you very likely have never even heard. AKA Tommy Chong tells the story of the US Governments quest to get him and the lengths they went to, to make it happen.

In 2003 the US Government with a newly appointed assistant US District Attorney decided it was time to take on one of the most serious issues in the United States. It wasn’t health care, it wasn’t terrorism it was not the war on drugs and it also wasn’t illegal immigration. The US Government set aside $12million and law enforcement resources on the federal and local level to bring down the biggest threat to America at the time… Tommy Chong.

Now we all know who Chong is (or most of us do) he is one half of Cheech and Chong and is best known for his comedic stand up comedy and films about his pot smoking and eluding ‘the man’. So you are very likely figuring out that Chong probably started a huge marijuana grow op operation which resulted in the US Government taking him on with military efficiency. Unfortunately it’s not true…. Chong got busted for selling glass Tobacco pipes as he calls them, also used for marijuana which makes them illegal paraphernalia.

I wouldn’t have been shocked if he had gone down for Marijuana but the fact Chong was taken down for manufacturing artistic glass pipes and shipping them across state lines just makes me laugh. Unfortunately for Chong it is no laughing matter since it involved Federal prison. AKA Tommy Chong tells the story of Chong’s undoing at the hands of the US Government and includes footage leading up to his jail term as well as interviews with him in prison and people who were with him during his prison term.

AKA Tommy Chong is not the best documentary I have ever seen from a production stand point but it is a great story that if you didn’t know it was true you would think it was the by line of one of his stoner movies. The US government took on Chong and won… but what did this do to Chong and have they awakened a sleeping dragon? This documentary answers those questions. If you like Cheech and Chong you will enjoy this documentary and it will definitely make you think and ask… are you next? Is there a $12million investigation coming your way to put you in prison? (I am going to move into my bunker now)


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