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April 19th, 2018

Zach Snyders Superman Movie Villain Revealed

Just yesterday Luke told you all that Zach Snyder has been tapped to direct the upcoming Superman Man Of Steel movie that Christopher Nolan from the Dark knight is producing and David Goyer is writing. This is exciting news for most fans but I am confident some Watchmen comic fans are less then impressed.

Today from THR comes word that the villain will not be original but rather a familiar face from Superman 2. General Zod will reportedly return as the villain for Zach Snyders Superman Man of Steel movie. I have to admit I am a huge fan of the character General Zod and am not surprised that Zach would go back to earlier movie material for reference but I am surprised that Christopher Nolan couldnt come up with something a bit more creative with his development team.

General Zod was played by Terrence Stamp in Superman 2 and I think its safe to say he wont reprise that role :) Who would you have liked to see play the villain in the upcoming Superman movie? Superman Man of Steel is a complete reboot and will ignore the events of the first movie which was directed by Bryan Singer and in my views was really not very good.


  1. Jay

    Jon Hamm from Mad Men should be the next superman!

  2. Gejedeye

    Tom Welling is the ONLY choice to be Superman…Anyone else attempting to play the part will be another “Superman Returns” type flop.

  3. Silvior47

    Its been done to death between Smallville and the Reeve movie. How about Darkseid or the Antimonitor? a little originality please!

  4. Rkallao

    If their using material from Superman 2
    why not add a new Lex Luthor he was
    there at the beginning when he lost his
    hair be a number of great actors that
    could play Luthor why not Bizarro or
    even Brainic at first he never got along
    with other super heroes why not a super
    hero vs super hero . But Lex would have
    been my

  5. Rkallao

    And speaking of Super Hero movie
    anyone thought of doing a Shazam
    movie or here’s someone rom my
    memory banks Young Samson .

  6. Rkallao

    And speaking of Super Hero movie
    anyone thought of doing a Shazam
    movie or here’s someone rom my
    memory banks Young Samson .

  7. S Woffard

    Tired of Lex Luthor, Superman should be facing off with foes never before seen in the movies like Darkside, Doomsday and so on, keep us (the fans) Interested. Their is no need to keep bringing foes back from his other movies-change is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Drew_w95

    superman 2012 can’t wait

  9. Anonymous

    i hope this movie impress me.

  10. Fantastic Dave

    PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF SUPERMAN, somthing NEW please, Make a great Superman movie not a bad Superman movie….

    USE Tom Willing as Superman in this upcoming movie, this is the man who knows the man of steel better then any.
    And why not the J.L.A movie

  11. Yeahright

    I agree that it would be awesome to see Welling actually playing Superman instead of just CK. But I don’t think that will ever happen. He’s probably afraid of being typecast and never getting a different role. His other roles have already been slim despite the fact that he’s a great actor. But I think that there would be nothing more awesome than having the Smallville heroes in a JLA movie. Of course, you have to add some people, like Batman.
    Hopefully they will consider doing a JLA series after Smallville is over. Somehow I doubt that though.

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