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May 24th, 2018

Zack Snyder talks Superman Villain

Zack Snyder talked with BadTaste about his upcoming Superman reboot which he is doing with Warner Brothers and talked about the reported villain. Word on the web was that General Zod would be the villain again but Zack Snyder revealed that this is nothing more then a rumor. At this time he has not picked a villain.

Frankly as much as General Zod would have made a great villain I am glad to hear its just a rumor. There are a lot of other villains that would be great to finally see hit the big screen and square off against Superman. Earlier Zach Snyder also revealed that Brandon Routh will NOT be back as Superman which in my view is also a good choice. If your going to do a Superman reboot its important to recast and really start fresh.

TheSuperman reboot, currently working under the title Superman”: Man of Steel, is hoping for a late 2012 release.


  1. Clark krypton

    Actually Zack Snyder has never said Brandon Routh is out. In fact Branon Routh is bigger and more ripped now than when he played superman and he looks like he has been preparing for the role again!

  2. Stevennix2001

    Yeah, but it would be a huge mistake, as you have to take in mind that the majority of the people that see these movies aren’t comic books fans that read sites like this on a frequent basis. Therefore, if they saw Routh as Superman again, then most people would automatically assume that this was a sequel to “Superman Returns” no matter how they market it differently. Therefore, I doubt seriously we’ll see Brandon Routh return back as Superman. Hell, you have a better shot at Marvel changing their mind and bringing back Norton to be Bruce Banner again, than you do of WB hiring Routh again to be Supes.

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