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May 25th, 2018

Welcome New Writer Luke Crum

So we put out the call for new writers and we are slowly bringing on a couple for a probation run as writers for MoviesOnline. We are still looking for writers and expanding our stable of talented writers and film lovers so if you have applied to write for our site dont drop your chin just yet. If you have not applied yet but would like to send an email to with the subject ‘New Writer’. Include a sample article and some information about yourself.

Luke has been writing for MoviesOnline for a couple of weeks now and has already written some pieces that were huge hits with our community and has passed his probation period from ‘lacky in training’ to ‘MoviesOnline writer’. Almost as awesome as getting a pulitzer!

His latest piece on Top 5 Modern Horror Icons not only got over 5,000 shares on facebook but also got stolen word for word by another very large website ( Which we will name if they dont respond to my request to fix it ). Hows that for praise? So on behalf of the MoviesOnline community I want to welcome Luke into the fold. Over the next 30 days you are going to see lots of new faces and writers on the site as we try out some new things and grow the site and deliver the quality content you our readers demand.

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  1. Welcome to the fold Luke.

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