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October 23rd, 2018

Watch Adam Greens Halloween Short Film: Just Take One

Adam Green has done two really bad movies that share the same first bit of their title. They are named Hatchet and Hatchet 2. Mindless gore for the less intelligent genre fan in my books. That said Adam Green has also done two truly fantastic hitch-reminiscent films called Spiral and Frozen. He once again steps up his game delivering a mix of laughs, tongue in cheek humor and great dialogue in his Halloween horror short ‘Just Take One’ which you can just watch. To the director I love to hate.. and love…. kudos for giving us a Halloween horror short worth watching!

In ‘Just Take One’ two Trick or Treaters faced with the moral dilemma of the “honor bowl”. Do they follow the rules and just take one piece of candy… or does basic Halloween logic prove that there is no harm in being a little greedy on All Hallow’s Eve? ADAM GREEN and JOE LYNCH star in this cautionary holiday tale with an ending that’s sure to please fans.

Be warned this short film features graphic violence and inappropriate language!


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