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May 25th, 2018

Tron Legacy & Daft Punk: Best Collaboration Ever Keeps Getting Better

When word first got out that Daft Punk would be providing the soundtrack to “Tron: Legacy”, I’m fairly certain that most people thought to themselves, “Yeah, that pretty much makes sense.” If you are going to stick some techno on top of a neon video game world, well, those clever Frenchmen in motorcycle helmets had better be the first people you call. Then, why not give them a cameo in the movie? They already have the costumes for it.

There have been snippets and leaks of the soundtrack here and there, but most of what you’ve gotten to hear has been buried in a few trailers. Not any more. Here’s almost two minutes of a song called “Derezzed”, complete with Michael Sheen being awesome and the usual mind blowing stuff that we’ve seen of this movie so far


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