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April 21st, 2018

Transformers 3 Crash Sends Police Officer to Hospital

Well since I am Mr. Doom and Gloom today here is some more dreary news. A crash occured on the set of Transformers 3 and a local bystander got it all on tape. From what I understand a bomb threat was called in, in an area surrounding where Transformers 3 was filming. The police car was on route to the incident when it got t-boned by a drive in the BumbleBee vehicle. Its a brutal crash and begs the question did anyone not consider ‘whats that siren?’.

Watch the video below. The Police Officer was sent to Hospital here is hoping he is ok and back to serving and protecting asap.

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  1. B1331095

    what do you mean “what is that siren”?? the driver is told to do something very specific and when to go, its not his job to know whether there is a siren or not in the shot, for all he knew it was part of the scene.
    that dumbass police officer should not have taken a shortcut through the closed streets where its very obvious that there is filming taking place.
    the point of paying the city to close a street (or streets) to film is so that they are not used. you dont see cops driving through construction sites. fail on the 5-0’s part.

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