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May 21st, 2018

Top Gun Sequel Coming from Tony Scott

Tony Scott Is Getting Us Back On The Highway To The Danger Zone┬áMonday normally doesn’t bring great news to most of us. We have to wake up at a reasonable hour, get dressed up, and shuffle off to work. Don’t worry folks, this piece of news really will make it all worthwhile. In fact, it’s potentially the greatest bit of movie news of all time.

Tony Scott has told Hitfix that he is ready to direct a sequel to “Top Gun”. No, that’s not a typo and yes, it is completely awesome. Apparently, the other Scott director caught wind about Paramount and Jerry Bruckheimer deciding that yes, they would like to make a movie that could potentially earn the gross domestic product of a small country. Scott would probably like to get a piece of that action.

There is no indications that Tom Cruise would be back as Maverick, but come on? Is there even a remote chance he wouldn’t jump at this? I say bring them all back, even Anthony Edwards as Goose. Yeah, I don’t care that he died, bring him back anyway. Although, Val Kilmer’s recent appearance guarantees there won’t be another shirtless volleyball game. Get him in there anyway. Tim Robbins too. He was Merlin. Nope, didn’t have to look that up. That’s how much I love “Top Gun”.

In the meantime, everyone should go see Tony Scott’s next flick, “Unstoppable”. There’s something about Denzel Washington and Tony Scott movies that I am into. Tell me you don’t love “Man On Fire”?

Kenny Loggins could not be reached for comment. Stay tuned.

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  1. Ppstarwars

    and one of the guys at the flight school is Nathen petrelli from HERO’s

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