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June 21st, 2018

Top 5 Epic Gore Scenes

Horror movies are infamous for their depiction of violence; many times it’s used to add dramatic effect and others it’s just used gratuitously. The level of enjoyment one gets out of the moments of violence usually depends on the quality of the effects whether they be CGI or practical. Cheesy horror movies generally opt for comedic levels of blood and guts spraying across the screen, but these moments aren’t limited to the cheesy movies alone as there are several horror movies that use the realistic portrayal of gore to shock and appall viewers. No matter which style you prefer the genre is never short of the red matter to feast your eyes upon.

Genre buffs could argue for hours over what scenes are the best and the fact of the matter is that when you’re talking about arms, legs, head and any other body part being severed from one’s body and blood being shed in the gallons on screen, taste is one of the last things you can really argue for. Lists will vary from person to person but certain moments are just so unforgettable that they remain universal, that is unless of course you’re dealing with someone new to the genre, and then it’s our job to help them discover these juicy pieces of cinema. I’ve witnessed my fair share of over the top gore scenes in my day, but I know that I’ve got a long ways to go before I’ve seen it all let alone seen many of the more obscure choices other people might come up with. So I’ve dug through the archive of films I have seen and I’ve come up with some of my favorite gore scenes that all are epic in some way shape or form. Also…assume there are spoilers afoot.

5. The Spring Break Buffet (Piranha 3d) – The most recent of my choices, Piranha 3D is far and away from being the best horror movie anyone will encounter, but it is a whole lot of fun from beginning to end. The events all lead up to an incredibly brutal beach scene with college partygoers being attacked by the bloodthirsty piranhas. While they are trying to escape their fate at the razor sharp teeth of the fish they also cause horrible violence upon themselves in various ways and the practical effects are really something to behold.

4. Titty Twister Massacre (From Dusk Till Dawn) – Before any women feel offended by my title for the scene let me just clarify that the name of the strip club that George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino visit in the film is actually called The Titty Twister, so don’t blame me, blame the filmmakers! When the Gecko brothers escape from prison and sneak across the border into Mexico they seek refuge in a strip club to meet with an acquaintance. Shortly after they arrive and the locals are extremely hostile an altercation leaves one of them bleeding and sends one of the strippers into a bloodthirsty rage and she turns into a vampire. Then the rest of the bar workers and strippers also change into vampires and start slaughtering all of their paying customers in a scene that’s very violent and also very funny.

3. Choke On It (Feast) – A very underrated film that came out of Project Greenlight was FEAST. It’s a hilarious and violent monster movie that might take a couple viewings to really appreciate, but I nearly can’t get enough of it. Sure the sequels are some of the most terrible movies ever made, but that doesn’t negate the fact that FEAST is still a great piece of entertainment. The scene in question also comes at the end of the film when the characters need to make one last final stand against the monsters to try and survive the ordeal. When all the carnage is coming to an end there’s one very glorious moment when the waitress of the bar jumps on top of one of the monsters and shoves her entire arm down it’s through screaming “Choke on it.” It’s one of those moments where you just have to clap with a huge smile on your face.

2. One Word, Inside (Inside) – My first exposure to French horror was this little home invasion gem known as INSIDE. It does not contain a single scene where lots of people are brutally butchered, but through the course of the film several people meet an awful and bloody demise. The killer’s weapon of choice happens to be scissors and she uses them in terrible ways, ones that were burned into my brain for days after initially watching it. The events are all capped off by a gory and disturbing final kill that is at once memorable and disgusting; therefore the film gets my nod of recognition for being epic, on a disturbing level.

1. When Lawnmowers Attack (Dead Alive) – Before Peter Jackson was making trips with hobbits and remaking a certain classic giant ape he was toiling in the world of a virus originated by a diseased rat monkey that turns those bitten into zombies. It is an extremely gory and hilarious horror comedy that every genre fan should seek out. Towards the end of the film and things have all gone to hell our main character grabs himself a lawnmower and from then on, “Party’s Over,” he mows his way through the horde of zombies that have infested his house in a scene of sheer disgusting glory.


  1. Trazadone

    My number one pick would be the climax of Martyrs. Shudder.

    • Mimma Soul Sonik

      If you have seen Martyrs you can see anything… French horror takes it to a whole new level; Inside, High Tension…

      • Agreed. Don’t forget Frontier(s). Inside was the first ‘new’ French Horror movie I saw and GOOD LORD. Martyrs is brutal as hell, but Inside horrified me so much I almost started to cry. My jaw was just hanging open by the final scene. Gave me nightmares… so did Martyrs. Those French horror movies not only don’t pull any punches, they shoot you in the face and leave you to bleed out!

  2. Trazadone

    My number one pick would be the climax of Martyrs. Shudder.

  3. What, no mention of Hellraiser?

  4. Bulgerghg

    The blood orgy scene in Event Horizion was gory.

  5. Guest

    Cannibal Holocaust ? Ichi the Killer ?

    • I was told Ichi the Killer was super gory, etc but I was HUGELY disappointed.  It was all so cheesy and the gore was so fake it wasn’t even close to being scary.

  6. Really?  No Rikki-Oh?  Basically any scene of that movvie trumps this whole list – I mean choking someone to death with your own intestines ALONE…

    •  The movie Re-Animator had choking using intestines as well.  Along with a severed head giving female oral sex AND Arnold Schwarzenegger’s body double going psycho in a morgue.

  7. Evilskaaron

    it may be animated, but “Fist of the North Star” has some of the goriest scenes ever transferred to celuloid…

  8. huggamuggajuggabugga

    The Thing (original version). BAD ASS f/x.

  9. Okay list, not knocking it…cheers on DeadAlive ending, pure bloodbath. Don’t forget Bone Sickness though…sleepy set up and mediocre acting leads up to an armageddon of gore, the likes I’ve never seen. If you haven’t seen it, love zombie flicks, and can get through the set up…get it

  10. Guest

    Scanners ….. boom

  11. Utumno

    The absolute gore is definitely in chainsaw massacre

  12. Perhaps it’s just nostalgia but I prefer the ‘vomit” scene from Gates Of Hell. Watching her throw up her intestines, then stomach ,etc (not to mention how realistic the drill bit scene was) esp considering the level of SFX back then. I feel it at least deserves an honorable mention

    • Millipede

      A Lucio Fulci film, thumbs up! :) Although I prefer his The Beyond and Zombie Flesh Eaters. Besides, there was no CGI back then, the gore scenes were all make up fx, so show some respect to Giannetto De Rossi! :)  And in that scene you mentioned, the actress Daniela Doria actually had to swallow fresh intestines that Fulci had gotten from a slaughterhouse and vomit them back up, so it wasn’t even a special effect at all! It was 
      real, except the end of the scene when her head was 
      replaced with a dummy’s head.

  13. Prasannanolan

    Wat about SAW series?????


  14. Lalit

    high tension, wrong turn series, texas chainsaw  massacre, saw series

  15. guest

    where’s the human centipede 2?


  17. Manonf1re6666

     Ichi the killer was awesome and most of the effects were realistic. The torture scene alone should put it on this list!

  18. Keme Kembot

    anyone ever seen grotesque? it was pretty gruesome.

  19. Feelwhenispazz

    You are all forgetting the grandaddy of them all, “Day of the Dead. The original, of course. Dude gets pulled apart at the waste while he’s still screaming. Best zombie movie ever made, and one of the best horror movies ever made. But what else would you expect from George A. Romero? 😀

  20. guest 99

    EPIC FAIL for the lack of The Sword And The Sorceror.  In which a man has his head aliced in half by being pushed into a grindstone.  And the hero de-crucifies himself then fights with the nails STILL in his palms.  I saw that (certificate 18) when I was 13 😉  Unforgettable movie.

  21. Eric

    fail fail fail. august underground. horrible movie, all torture, include sucking on a castrated penis then raping the mans wife with it. cannibal holocaust, guinea pig series, nekromantic (girl cuts off a penis (shows it) then while having sex with another man cuts his head off and puts a rubber band around his dick to keep it hard and replaces his head with her dead lover. The list goes on and on with more gory movies then this. the only movie i respect on this list for gore wise is inside that is disturbing.

  22. Dann

    Surgery scene (saw 3)

  23. Armando Zapata

    There’s a movie which I don’t remember it’s name, where a guy gets his head half chopped with a shovel smash and his tongue and jaw remains hanging while the body is still standing, pretty bad fx but great and hilarious idea there.
    Also Starship Troopers is pretty gory and funny, I was laughing more than stressed when soldiers get chopped in half, limbs get ripped off, or brains sucked up, awesome!
    Irreversible was pretty rad too in the first scene at that strange night club where Vincent Cassel smashes one and over again some guy’s head with a fire extinguisher and his head and brains gets all squashed, yumm! =D

  24. this list is weak as hell. no human centipide 1 or 2. eating shit is more gross then getting eaten.

  25. Punk99go

    Some great choices on the list. I like the inclusions of Feast and especially Inside. For those who haven’t seen it there are a few shocking unexpected gory scenes. I went into it expecting not much and got one of the best horror flicks in recent years. You really can’t argue the #1 choice…..that lawnmower scene from Dead Alive is a splattertastic classic !

  26. What a crappy list. Flower of Flesh and Blood anyone?


  28. Lovezoid

    I’d have to give a nod to something by Yoshihiro Nishimura, Tokyo Gore Police, Helldriver, it’s all messy as fuck

  29. Inside should’ve been number 1 for that ending alone!! frontier(s) was gory as was Martyrs

  30. Ignacio J Ceja

    I was hoping that Dead Alive would make your list. It’s great comedy, but by far the goriest film I’ve ever seen.

  31. Ignacio J Ceja

    I was hoping that Dead Alive would make your list. It’s great comedy, but by far the goriest film I’ve ever seen.

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