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April 25th, 2018

Spider-Man Reboot Villain Revealed!

Just the other day it was announced that Welsh actor Rhys Ifans (Greenberg) was cast in the new Marcus Webb-directed Spider-Man reboot. Immediately the Internet speculated: who will he play? Another Green Goblin? Another Doctor Octopus? Zombie Uncle Ben? Well, now we have our answer: The Wrap reports that Ifans will play The Lizard, also known as Dr. Curt Connors: one of Peter Parker’s teachers who conducts experiments with reptile DNA to regrow his lost arm. It doesn’t go well.

The original Spider-Man movies constantly teased The Lizard as a potential villain: Connors is mentioned in the first film, and becomes a supporting character in the sequels played by character actor Dylan Baker. Baker never got his chance to transform into an expensive CG-creature, but the character will finally get his due.

It’s an inspired choice, too — the Lizard is a villain that’s directly tied to Peter Parker’s life. One of the big flaws of the first Spider-Man was how coincidental the Green Goblin was: not only did he just happen to expose himself to experimental gas at the same time Parker got a radioactive spider bite, but he also just happened to be the father of Parker’s best friend. For comparison, Brian Michael Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man comic book did a great job of tying the two together on a more intimate level than Raimi’s first film. Hopefully Marcus Webb and company have learned from their predecessors.

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  1. Xioulong

    How can you knock Raimi’s Spider-man for being a little closer to the Spider-man comics. Now, I like the Bendis’ Ultimate line, but it’s just as coincidental as the old storyline. I think describing the relationship as more intimate is a long stretch of the imagination.

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