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May 26th, 2018

The Flash, Green Lantern 2 Scripts Due by Christmas, Complete with Casting Rumors

Deadline’s Nikki Finke reports that Green Lantern screenwriters Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim will turn in a treatment for Green Lantern 2 and a script for the next DC comics movie, The Flash, between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Flash, for those not in the know, is a police chemist who, after a lightning-related accident, fights crime by running very, very fast in a red jumpsuit.

Finke also reports that the director of The Flash probably won’t be Green/Guggenheim collaborator Greg Berlanti, producer of the Fantastic Four-like TV series No Ordinary Family and director of the romcom Life as We Know it. Reportedly, he wants to direct a slightly smaller project before graduating to huge superhero movies. Unless, of course, Warner Bros. likes the script enough to throw lots of money at him to direct.

As always, it’s never too early to talk casting. Moviehole reports that The Hangover’s Bradley Cooper is in the running. Which is ironic considering he was up for the role of Green Lantern, a role that ended up going to Ryan Reynolds, who was going to play The Flash back when David S. Goyer was trying to get the project off the ground. Funny how things work out. Either way, Cooper’s a charismatic, attractive guy and will most assuredly play a superhero one of these days.

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  1. Ilovemovies

    Yay! Maybe they’re going to follow Marvel’s plan after all. If Refn can get WB to bite on his Wonder Woman movie, then that’s potentially 4 lead-in films for Justice League: Man of Steel, GL2, Wonder Woman and The Flash.

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