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February 17th, 2019

Paranormal Activity 2 Fan Reviews!

Paranormal Activity 2 has just hit theaters and by the looks of things has made a boatload of cash. look for my piece on that later today. Right now we have some fan reaction from Paranormal Activity 2 from fans as they left the theater after experiencing the film. It seems this movie is much more then just a cash in on the hype of the original which is the most profitable movie ever made.

Take a second and read Luke’s Paranormal Activity 2 Review to get his esteemed take ¬†on the film. Did you see Paranormal Activity 2? Tell us what you thought in the comments.


  1. Boblefevre

    I think that the first one was all real. they all say it’s a movie to discredit the reality of paranormal stuff!
    Have you see this video on you tube
    She says that she is an actress but it looks a bit to reel for me!
    The truth is that Hollywood is principal key of the big conspiracy!!!
    wake up people the paranormal is reel and right in your face!!!

  2. Faithluvsky

    I thought the first one was much better. It took forever for anything to happen in this one. I was kinda disappointed and a little bored with it.

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