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May 21st, 2018

Paranormal Activity 2 Box Office Numbers

Needless to say I am quite shocked to report that Paranormal Activity 2 destroyed the box office results of the first film. I had no doubts the sequel would land at #1 but I am really surprised to report that not only did it land at #1 but it also outdid the original film by almost $20million.

Paranomal Activity originally was released as a limited run and when it was released wide it brought in around $19million according to The sequel Paranormal Activity 2 brought in a staggering $41,500,000 at the box office this past weekend. That is double the box office of the first film.

That said Paranormal Activity is still more profitable at this point since the original film was made for $15,000 and the sequel was made for $3million. In order for Paranormal Activity 2 to be more profitable then the original film it needs to bring in 200 x what the first film did. Anyway you cut it though Paranormal Activity 2 is a hit and Paramount is laughing all the way to the bank. If you have not already be sure to read Lukes Paranormal Activity 2 review

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