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June 18th, 2018

“Ouija” To Scare You In 2012

Forget “Halloween”, “Friday The 13th”, or any other scary movie you decide to watch this weekend, the news in this Deadline New York post should really terrify you. Universal is on the director hunt for the Hasbro owned property “Ouija” film. This is the third Hasbro movie that Universal is producing, after “Battleship” and “Stretch Armstrong”. Seriously? Stretch Armstrong is getting a movie? It gets worse. Taylor Lautner is Stretch.

However, a “Ouija” movie may not be terrible. It has to better than “Jumanji” right? It will be better if one of the three directors that Universal is interested in jumps on board. They are down to Pierre Morel (“Taken”), Sylvain White (“The Losers”), and Scott Stewart (some guy I’ve never heard of). Why don’t they just ask the Ouija board who should direct this thing? Don’t they have all the answers?

Another terrifying fact? Universal has $80 to $100 million budgeted for this thing. Didn’t the people behind “Paranormal Activity” essentially make this movie for like 100 bucks or something? As long as they go all out with the scares and don’t hold back for a weak PG-13 rating, I’m fairly interested in a movie based on a board game that has nothing to do with evil spirits.


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