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May 20th, 2018

No Clowning Around In This Teaser Trailer For CLOWN

A teaser trailer has made its way online for what looks to be a short film with Eli Roth’s name attached to it, called CLOWN. I currently don’t have too many details about, just that the footage was posted by a group of filmmakers from Waverly Films. The trailer opens with the Lionsgate and Screen Gems logo followed by credits that mention horror icon Eli Roth. The filmmaker’s website offers little information regarding the details behind CLOWN, so it’s possible this could be a fake trailer that they hope to turn into a film later on down the road, much like what happened with MACHETE. Nonetheless, the trailer actually looks pretty fun, regardless if it’s real or fake.

From the trailer, CLOWN appears to be about a father that is desperately looking for a clown to entertain his kid and his friends at his birthday party. When he runs out of options he stumbles upon a clown outfit in an old chest and puts it on. After the party he can’t seem to get the makeup off and the hair grows back as soon as he cuts it and soon transforms into what appears to be a clown-like monster.


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