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June 25th, 2018

Joe Dante & Co Working on New Horror Anthology

While Halloween is the traditional time for horrific premieres in the movies and on TV, this time of year is also prolific in announcements of upcoming projects related to horror genre in one way or another. This one sounds especially exciting. Remember “Paris…” and “New York, I Love You”? Well, apparently, the urban franchise is taking a scary turn with awkwardly named “Paris, I Kill You.”

Like its romantic counterparts, “Paris” is going to be a collection of shorts, hence it requires a whole bunch of directors, and some of the best horror genre masters have already signed up for the job. The best known names on the list are Joe Dante – the man behind “Gremlins,” “Hole 3D” and “Masters of Horror” TV-series, and Vincenzo Natali – author of “Cube,” “Splice” and the only scary segment of “Paris, Je T’aime” – the one where Elijah Wood’s lost tourist falls for Olga Kurylenko’s beautiful vampire.

Apart from those two, directors Paco Plaza (“Rec”), Xavier Gens (“Hitman”), Ryuhei Kitamura (“The Midnight Meat Train”), Christopher Smith (“Creep”) and  director pair Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (“A L’Interieur”) are all expected to provide their parts for “Paris, I Kill You.” Together they will explore the darkest secrets of the French capital, and try to combine them into a diverse tale of all things spooky and creepy.

Despite an impressive set of filmmakers already on board, the newest horror anthology is still looking for financing. Producers expect to score it once they showcase their concept at the upcoming American Film Market. If all goes smoothly and the projects gets fulfilled, we may well expect “Paris IKU” to kick off a whole “horror city” franchise, which will then “travel” around the world.


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