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April 25th, 2018

JJ Abrams Star Trek 2 Villain…. No Khan Do

An informant very close to the production of the next “Star Trek” movie has told Badass Online that they know who the villain in the film will definitely not be. It will not be Khan, famously portrayed by the great Ricardo Montalban. The source also says that it will definitely be a classic villain from the television series. As I’ve seen about six episodes of the TV show, my only guess would be the Tribbles. Something tells me that J.J. Abrams and company are not going to go that route.

I’m not the biggest “Star Trek” fan, but I think it’s safe to say that “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” is by far the most superior of the film franchise, Abrams’ installment included. That is mostly due to the genius of Montalban. It’s such a classic villain performance. The sheer fact that Montalban out-overacts Shatner is fairly mind-blowing, as Shatner is perhaps the finest overacting actor of all time (other than Al Pacino in “Scent of a Woman”).

In the end, it’s probably a great decision by the “Star Trek” team as they should keep things as fresh as possible, which is what made the new Trek so great. It didn’t seem like they were interested in rehashing the same old tired “Star Trek” bit. Sticking Khan in the next film would definitely do that.

The real tragedy in all this is that the killed off Eric Bana in the first one. I could have watched him be evil all day and night. What a great character and performance, even though you could barely tell it was him.


  1. Anonymous

    MIRROR UNIVERSE – think of the possibilities.
    I think a mirror story would be awesome. If Kirk faced the mirror universe, we could see Zachary Quinto in full-on Sylar psychopathic mode with a beard. It’d make for good drama and let the characters explore darker elements of their personas. What if Kirk was struggling with regret over a past decision, then had to confront a version of himself that made the alternate choice? (i.e., sacrificing someone under his command as a decision that haunts him, etc.) He could see how things could have turned out differently through “his” own eyes.

  2. DreamRedux

    A time travel story line could easily Eric Bana/Nero, if the producers really wanted to go that route.

  3. Shane

    It’s really very wise that they chose not to go the easy route by reusing Khan. The essence of Khan’s story was that search for revenge against Kirk for what he did. But in this new universe, Kirk and Khan have never met; they have not history. So the motivation is gone, and their first encounter would end up being far more “Space Seed” than “Wrath of Khan”.

    There are other enemies to match wits with Kirk; my personal choice is seeing Greg Grunberg (Telepathic cop Matt Parkman from ‘Heroes’) taking on the role of Harry Mudd.

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