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January 20th, 2019

Jane Austen + Zombies = Gold

Why is that nearly every single time David O. Russell gets involved with a movie, it has problems? Could it be because he is a colossal creep on the set that actually called Lily Tomlin the c-word? Nah. Couldn’t be.

Russell was attached to direct the adaptation of ¬†“Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”, the genius novel that pretty much took the same story as the original Jane Austen novel but threw zombies into the mix. Well, he’s out and now the hunt is on for a new director. Hopefully, they’ll get one that didn’t make “I Heart Huckabees”. Oh, they want Mike Newell, the guy who made “The Prince Of Persia”? Sounds like a can’t win scenario.

There is no director yet, but the word is that Bradley Cooper has a leg up to presumably play Mark Darcy while Scarlett Johansson is also up for a role. I’m not quite sure which of the girls she would be, presumably Elizabeth, the main Bennet daughter. Yes, I know that much about “Pride and Prejudice”. It’s only because my wife has made me watch it. I’m not really into it or anything…look, I like it okay? I like the book, the Emma Thompson version, even the Keira Knightly version. So I like watching English women from the 1700s get all giddy over men. Is it really that¬†emasculating?

This version takes place at the same time as the Jane Austen book, but it just pretends that zombies have been a part of English life for quite some time. They run around, killing people, attacking parties, but it never really disrupts the English way of life, which is what makes the book so hilarious. A movie version, if done in a dark comedic way, could be genius.


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