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June 20th, 2018

If Anyone Has A “Hangover” Cure, It’s Mel Gibson

As I’ve been on vacation in the Big Apple for a few days, I didn’t pay much attention to movie news or rumors or anything like that. However, what do I see first thing this morning? Why, a potential joke goldmine as Mel Gibson will have a cameo in “The Hangover” sequel. I’m already positive that his part will be hilarious. As a fan of Gibson’s movies (not his Jew-hatin’, woman-threatenin’ ways), he’s an actor that is willing to humiliate himself a bit for a laugh. If done correctly, Gibson’s role as a tattoo artist in Malaysia could be a riot, much like the Mike Tyson scenes in the original movie.

This sequel is going to be in theaters a bit further down the road, but Mel’s formerly scheduled next acting gig was going to be “The Beaver”. Mel is playing a guy that has a psychotic episode, gets kicked out of his family’s home, and then begins to communicate with people through a stuffed beaver. Oh, did I mention he also uses a phony British accent for the beaver’s voice. Yeah. He does. Potential greatness there. Throw in the fact that the movie was directed by Jodie Foster (one of the few people to openly express support for Gibson during his troubles) and you’ve got an odd but interesting flick on your hands. Sadly, the movie may never see the light of day since people may be a bit uncomfortable with seeing Mel act like a lunatic on-screen with the knowledge that his real life is pretty much wheels off as well.

There are several people that are unable to separate an actor’s real life from their movie roles. Tom Cruise is a shining example of it. Some folks despise him so much that they refuse to watch him at all. Do I think he’s a nut? Most definitely. Do I think “Valkyrie” is fantastic? Most definitely. Not every word out of Sean Penn’s mouth is Gospel, but the guy is as talented an actor/director there is working today. People need to get over the fact that Gibson is a crazy person. In fact, aren’t most of the actors you like kind of nutty? People flock to Johnny Depp flicks and that guy is way, way out there.

What I’m saying is that “The Beaver” should be released. It’s not like the movie was made with thoughts of hundreds of millions of dollars pouring in anyway. I bet several people buy tickets just to see how insane Mel will be. He’s better when he’s bat**** crazy anyway.

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  1. I feel out of touch. The Hangover was awful and unfunny…

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