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May 21st, 2018

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Cast Grows

Ciaran Hinds and Violante Placido are in talks to join the cast of Nicolas Cages Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengance. According to Heat Vision Ciaran hinds will play The devil who is trying to take over the mortal body of his son on his birthday. Violante Placido will play the boys mother in the film. Ciaran Hinds has appeared in many films including There Will Be Blood, Road to Perdition and Munich all truly fantastic films.

Mark Steven Johnson who directed the first film will not be returning and Eva Mendez who played Cages love in the first film is also not returning. The producer has said that this film will be a much darker tale and will get a hard PG-13 rating. It is currently prepping to film in Europe and will be the first large scale 3D film to shoot in Romania. The filmmakers are obviously aware how much the first film sucked since this film is a complete reboot and much like the upcoming Superman Man of Steel movie this one will ignore the events of the first film and pretend it never happened. If only the rest of us could be so lucky.


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