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July 4th, 2015

Emma Stone To Play Mary Jane in Spider Man Remake?

We all know that the original Mary Jane Watson Kirsten Dunst wont be back since they recast the entire film and kicked poor Toby Maguire, Sam Raimi and the rest of the gang to the curb. Marc Webb is now directing the film with Andrew Garfield playing Peter Parker and now comes word from Deadline that they have a great choice in mind for Mary Jane Watson.

Deadline is reporting that SONY wants Mary Jane Watson to be played by Emma Stone from Easy A. [ Easy A Review ]  Emma Stone made her film debut in Superbad and followed that up with the Zombie comedy ZOMBIELAND. Needless to say a multipicture deal at SONY to play Mary Jane would boost her career.

Emma Stone To Play Mary Jane in Spider Man Remake?


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