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March 23rd, 2019

Drive Angry Trailer

There’s a trailer out for Drive Angry, and it looks like a better version of Ghost Rider, a film that’s only worth watching for Nicolas Cage’s bizarre performance as demonic stuntman Johnny Blaze. The film, which comes out on February 11, 2011, is directed by Patrick Lussier (My Bloody Valentine 3D) and stars Nic Cage’s wig, Amber Heard, David Morse and William Fichtner.

Drive Angry has the potential to be the next Crank: another insane little movie that most people will turn up their noses at the perceived stupidity they see in the trailer, while the people who gravitate to this sort of thing (i.e. me) may discover a special, offbeat movie clearly made by crazy people.

For weird coincidence, the directors of Crank (collectively known as Neveldine/Taylor) are working with Nic Cage on the next Ghost Rider film. So in the future we could have two insane supernatural Nicolas Cage action films. What a time to be alive.


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