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June 24th, 2018

Danny Boyle Directing 28 Months Later, Sequel to 28 Weeks Later

This fan boy just oozed a little something something in his under pants. Danny Boyle is one of the most talented filmmakers around and one of his best films was the zombie film 28 Days Later. Ok yes its not truly a zombie movie but gosh darn it close enough get off my back! DreadCentral confirmed today that the rumors that have been running around the web over the last year are true and that he will direct the film.

The location of 28 Months later is not known but there are two plausible locations. It has been rumored it would take place in Russia but as those of you who saw 28 Weeks Later will recall that movie ended in Paris. So Paris or Russia its really not that relevant since its a safe bet the movie is going to be all kinds of fantastic!


  1. ABAB

    Erm, your link leads to Dread Central’s main page where they have no info whatsoever on the claims this site is making. 

  2. Eric

    Yes a sequel to 28 weeks later is exactly the thing we horror fans need right now. There hasn’t been a decent horror film well, frankly since 28 days later. Danny Boyle should be well credited and awarded for his ideas. He makes some of the best block busters on the face of the planet!! Keep up the good work and you will surly be recognized as the true definition of a film maker.

  3. Johnny

    OMG finally!!!! im sooooo excited!!!!

  4. Blahblah

    Please don’t have anymore dumb ass kids in this movie. Please.

    • Bigfish

      Yeah really.
      That boy with that disgusting forhead was sort of a pain the ass in the movie.
      His sister weren’t and smarter either.
      Anyway, I think the next location should be in the U.S.A.
      how about NYC?
      …..because I hate NY!!!!

      • Haha

        “His sister weren’t and smarter either.” You have got to be either retarded, dyslexic, illiterate, or just plain dumb. You’re a moron. You’re comment is rendered invalid. Good day sir.

        • Yourmama

          (of a person) Unable to speak, most typically because of congenital deafness.
          Simplify or reduce the intellectual content of something so as to make it accessible to a larger number of people.
          mute – speechless – silent – voiceless – inarticulate

          Merriam-Webster The Free Dictionary

        • Maushunter101

          did u actually watch the movie? All hell broke loose because those two little idiots couldn’t be in the safe zone and went out to their home which ended up finding their mom. And their dad is the moron! Tried making love to almost the dead of his wife and screwed it all up!

          • Scheiße LeBarf

            Actually, the dad was a genius. …at least, as a zombie he was.

            Didn’t have any trouble finding his family (nor had he forgotten them) in the riotous chaos of the zombie love-in, despite the blood lust curdling in his veins.

  5. Brandy Davis

    28 months should be done in Paris, & if they do 28 years later then that should be done in the U.S. Even though the Resident Evil movies are mostly filmed here in the U.S. I think the 28 movies are great outside of the country.

  6. Rpatten26

    i just cant wait!!! best movies ive seen in a long time… they need to hurry up and make the damn movies lol

  7. western.

    yeah those kids are fucking idiots ……………………KIDS DONT LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

  8. Special2u_99

    I so can’t wait for the sequal to 28 weeks later. Both of the movies are so fantastic! It’s taking to long to come out with the next one :-)

  9. Scheiße LeBarf

    Oozed something in your nappy? Even after how egregiously pathetic the first sequel was?

    Surely one would have to be a generation Dumb Knight / Tardofrmers dope to think rehashing this franchise for a third time would yield anything but raucous faceplams from the audience.

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