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June 25th, 2018

Courtney Cox & David Arquette Split Up

We do not cover celebrity news in general on this site but this news bummed me out and I just had to write about it. Courtney Cox is a babe and David Arquette is a goof ball. So when David bagged the drop dead gorgeous Courtney and married her it was a one up for nerds everywhere.

The goofy funny guy really can get the smoking hot and famous girl to marry him. Their marriage has lasted 11 years and today comes the really sad news that they are separating. is reporting the two are threw.

They met on set of SCREAM and are currently completing work on Scream 4 together. I feel for them and frankly I hold out hope that their 11 year union can somehow be restored. The couple released a statement saying that this is a trial separation and that they still remain close friends and are hoping the seperation will help make the relationship work by showing them what they need to do. I hope they work it out !

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  1. Johnny_95

    wow. thats sad. they were great together, never in the media and kept it classy. what a shame

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