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February 23rd, 2019

Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight Rises Villain Talk

Christopher Nolan opened up to Hero Complex about his upcoming Batman sequel. In the interview he opened up about the title which will be THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and that the Riddler will not be the villain.

The interview for now does not get into much more than that other than Nolan wants to stay clear of the 3D technology and focus on the high def cameras and IMAX technology. Nolan also stated the obvious that the third Batman film will follow many of the same characters from the previous films as well as a few new ones. Head over to Hero Complex for more on their take of Nolan’s comments.

Personally I am not too keen on the film’s title, but I am not totally against not using the Riddler as the villain. I don’t know who would fit best in the Nolan universe, but I like that Nolan is being vague and seemingly going against the grain and keeping us on our toes. Tom Hardy has already been cast so speculation continues on exactly who he will be playing; only time will tell.


  1. DustinS.

    omg joker WILL NOT BE IN TDKR why do people think this? i think itll be hugo strange. bullock and maybe the return of scarecrow, this is based on the book PREY. So one of the few has to be in it.

  2. Streetboy104

    From my point of view Christopher Nolan should put a Riddler I think Johnny Depp should play the part. Personally I think the audience would be thrilled to have a Riddler also the would make a ton of money in 3d and in 2d. Suggestion haveing a Riddler Catman Harlequin and Robin with some exciting action and a bit of horror sences would make the Dark Night Rises a movie worth paying for. Since im a Batman fan and I have heard this shall be Christopher Nolans last Batman movie I hope Christopher and has a great time filming and when this amazing Batman thriller comes out to theaters I will be the first one in line to get my ticket.Therfore I hope Christopher can think of some neat and creative ideas for the Dark Night Rises. Sincerly your # 1 fan Dante Plummer.

  3. Laumanniv

    Don’t like the title of Dark Knight Rises either. They should go with The Dynamic Duo as the title and bring Robin in as a character or call it The Caped Crusader which was Batman’s other popular nickname. Since this is the last Nolan Batman flick they absolutely must have Catwoman in it. With all of the rumors about Nolan interviewing several possible leading ladies, the chances are that Selina Kyle will be in this last installment. The Riddler has been ruled out, but that may be a smoke screen, early rumors had Leonardo
    DiCaprio as the green puzzler.

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