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June 19th, 2018

An End To The Hellraiser Reboot Director Roulette?

It appears that the director search for the HELLRAISER reboot may have officially come to an end. Bloody Disgusting broke the news that Patrick Lussier will be directing the film with Todd Farmer writing. The two have worked together on last year’s MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D and the upcoming DRIVE ANGRY 3D. This news potentially puts an end to several rumors of directors like Christian E. Christiansen, Alexandre Bustillo and Pascal Laugier to possibly sit behind the camera to bring Pinhead back to life.

There is currently no other solid information regarding the film besides a rumor of the film possibly being PG-13 and that Amber Heard may star in the film. With Lussier set to direct I think the possibility of a PG-13 is pretty far retched, especially with the history of the HELLRAISER franchise being notorious for some pretty graphic imagery. There is also a direct to video sequel in the works, HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS, which will feature a new actor dawning the iconic Pinhead persona in place of Doug Bradley. The DTV sequel was directed by Victor Garcia, who directed the HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL sequel, RETURN TO HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL and most recently MIRRORS 2. The HELLRAISER reboot has yet to begin filming and there is not yet a release date announced for HELLRAISER: REVELATIONS.


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