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April 23rd, 2018

Adam Green Talks About Hatchet 2’s Removal from Theaters

We were told that an announcement would be forth coming about the unannounced yanking of Hatchet 2 from theaters and it seems EW was able to talk to Adam Green the director about the film and why it was yanked.

AMC and its distributor promoted heavily via press releases the fact that it was going to be the largest unrated film release in a decade and although mainstream fans were not aware of the release and probably did not care the die hard horror fans were excited. Over the weekend the film tanked pulling in only $60,000 and it seems that part of the reason was AMC at the last minute pulled it from Theaters.

Adam Green told EW that AMC loved the film and decided to release it unrated in theaters because AMC felt it was one of the best slasher sequels ever made. Somehow between those statements and its release something went wrong. Readers emailed us to say they were unable to see it at theaters and big questions arised as to why it was pulled. Adam Green told EW;

“I assume it probably had something to do with the controversy online about an unrated movie playing in theaters,” says the director. “To me, the whole thing is unfortunate because this is not a movie that deserves to be unrated. It’s a very funny, silly slasher movie about a swamp ghost that’s killing people in ridiculous ways. And now it’s become, you know, ‘Banned from cinemas.’ I’ve lost 11 pounds in the last week from stress.”

AMC told EW that it was yanked and that it was based on the performance or lack their of of the film over the weekend. I am not sure what date it was pulled but it looks like it was in theaters Friday and Saturday and pulled by Sunday. Did you see Hatchet 2? Do you think AMC made the right choice from a business stand point? For me I am still shocked they went to bat to release the film theatrically in the first place given the limited appeal of the film.

Mainstream audiences likely are not interested in what Hatchet 2 offers and considering it was hardly promoted to the mainstream media this is probably more promotion then even the first film got just over the fact Hatchet 2 got yanked. CNN is even reporting on the story of Hatchet 2 being pulled. So although it got yanked all news is good news and right now the buzz for Hatchet 2 is high and its a shame nobody will get to see it till it hits DVD.

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    The movie was “yanked and that it was based on the performance or lack their of of the film …”

    The article suffers from its editing, or lack thereof.

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