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April 21st, 2018

8 Batman Characters Tom Hardy Could Play, In Order of Likelihood

You saw Inception, right? Wasn’t Tom Hardy’s Eames one of the best parts — a light, fun counterpoint to Leo DiCaprio’s morose, angsty Cobb? You’d see that guy in another movie, right? Well, good, because he’s in the next Batman movie in an as-yet-unannounced role. The Internets are surely alight with speculation, because speculating on what the next Batman movie will be like has surpassed baseball as America’s Pastime.

Before they inevitably announce who he’s playing, here are our totally baseless musings on who he might play in Batman 3/The Dark Knight Returns/The Darker Knight/Batman Against the World Crime League.

Hint: As much as I’d like it to be, it’s probably not Maxie Zeus.

1. The Riddler

Batman’s best villains have always been themes to battle: the Joker’s anarchic chaos, Two-Face’s corruption, Catwoman’s temptation (please, let me generalize here), the Scarecrow’s deep-seated fears and insecurities. The Riddler? Using him gives Batman an intellectual foe — one the Dark Knight must outsmart to defeat. Which is great, because the cinematic Batman’s detective skills need a lot of work.

2. Bane

Yep, the juicer luchadore who broke Batman’s back in the 1990s. While it’s cool to slag off anything that happened in a ‘90s comic book (totally understandable, as much of it is awful), there’s a decent story to be had in a Batman movie featuring Bane. Imagine: Batman, run ragged fighting criminals and escaping the law, comes across Bane, a someone (for once) physically stronger than him — thanks to an addictive performance-enhancing drug called Venom. Does Batman give in to the temptation of Venom or does he beat Bane on his own terms?

While mainstream audiences may know Hardy as the funny Brit from Inception, cool people know him from Bronson, where he portrayed a violent physical powerhouse. So the casting makes sense.

3. Dr. Hugo Strange

Here’s an unconventional choice. Dr. Hugo Strange is a psychologist at one point hired by Gotham City Police to help bring in Batman, but ends up becoming a villain as he continues to study the Caped Crusader. While his story is a bit old hat in the movies — a mixture of the Scarecrow and Dr. Chase Meridian from Batman Forever — you can put a different spin on it. After all, he’s hired to ascertain Batman’s identity, but ends up wanting to be Batman.

4. Deadshot

You know who’s a Batman villain but not really considered a Batman villain? Deadshot, who’s considered one of the best assassins in the DC Universe. He’s blossomed into a fine antihero in comics like Secret Six, but it’s not hard to imagine a role for him in the movies, as one of those minor villains hired to take down our hero.

5. Killer Croc

Apparently there’s some rumor floating around the Internets that Killer Croc is going to be in the next Batman film, but I think that betrays the realism that Christopher Nolan and his screenwriters established in Batman Begins and cemented in The Dark Knight. And while Killer Croc (a dim-witted man-crocodile hybrid) wouldn’t be the first instance of a comic book movie changing a fantastic character to be a bit more believable, the inclusion of The Lizard in the next Spider-Man movie makes this choice seem less likely.

6. Batman

Bet you didn’t think of that, did you? Christian Bale’s career has sullied a bit thanks to mom-punching, on-set blowups at cinematographers and Terminator Salvation, and Christopher Nolan obviously liked Tom Hardy enough to put him in another movie. Why not just cast a new Bruce Wayne who’s not afraid to smile and crack a joke? One who does a better growly voice, perhaps?

After all, nobody cried foul when they recast Rachel Dawes.

7. The Joker

Hello, recast! But, in all serious, this would not happen. Heath Ledger’s performance was too well-regarded and there’s no need for another Joker appearance. What else can be said about him in this series? As far as I’m concerned, he vanished in a puff of purple smoke as soon as the camera cut away.

Personally, I always thought in the next film the Joker could be played by Maggie Gyllenhaal, the result of extensive plastic surgery that the Clown Prince of Crime underwent just to mess with Batman’s head. And Harvey Dent, if you want to believe he survived the end of The Dark Knight (note: he did not).

8. Robin

“…and co-starring Tom Hardy as the oldest orphan since Chris O’Donnell.”


  1. James Collura

    You forgot Hush. Hardy would be perfect for the role, if he’s not the Riddler or, obviously, Talia al Ghul (the latter of which will certainly be in the movie)

  2. Ben

    Or Black Mask, the character that Hardy is MOST likely to play…

  3. Gpalline

    I’m not too familiar with Batman comics myself, but if I’m correct, Nolan already said (on various occasions) that it wouldn’t be the Joker, the Riddler or the Penguin (not to mention that he also said he wouldn’t do catwoman). Nolan’s batman series has always been based on realism and plausibility so I doubt he would do Killer Croc, at least I certainly hope he doesnt. He definitely won’t play Batman or Robin (Nolan already said Robin would never be in his Batman movies).

    That leaves Bane, Hugo Strange and Deadshot. Nolan’s villians have always been more of an intellectual and psychological threat to Batman, meaning we haven’t seen any bulky villains. As possible as it is for Nolan to do Bane or Deadshot, I really can’t see them happening because they only really pose physical threat to Nolan’s Batman. I can’t see it being Hush, too much like Two-Face from TDK.

    My personal bets, Black Mask or Hugo Strange. Batman has had previous run-ins with the Mafia, which setups Black Mask perfect. We know Batman is on the run, the police might hire Hugo to bring Batman in. My vote is on the latter.

    • as you mentioned, you aren’t too familiar with the comics – because bane is every bit an intellectual threat as he is a physical one. todays announcement of hardy’s role seals that deal up.

  4. DKnight007

    Hardy is gonna play cult mob boss Roman Sionis/Black Mask, the hitman assassin Deadshot or Riddler.

    Either way…’s great to have be part of Batman 3…..he did a great job in Bronson and he did solid jobs in RockNRolla and Inception. He is a major talent.

  5. Ppstarwars

    I heard the riddler may be the next villian and that joseph gordon levitt is considered for the role.

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