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October 23rd, 2018

5 Worst Horror Bad Guys

I’ve seen my fair share of bad horror movies in my time. Probably more than my fair share, but that’s beside the point. What really stands out though, regardless of the quality of the movies, are the boogeymen that crop up to snuff out some sexually-charged teenagers.  Some are great — Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Leatherface to name but a few — but most are downright laughable.

Here’s a look at five of the worst horror movie villains of all time.

Jack Frost (Jack Frost): Before Michael Keaton snowsuited-up for some schmalzy crap in 1998, this killer snowman showed up on the scene. Fair enough, some of the kills were fun, but this was just an overall terrible idea. The town where the film is set is called Snomanton — really? (Spoiler ahead) Also, in the sequel, Jack is revived by a cup of coffee and is later killed by a banana. That is all kinds of amazing.

Jacob Goodnight (See No Evil): Not to be confused with the ace Gene Wilder/Richard Pryor comedy See No Evil, Hear No Evil, this one comes from that cinematic powerhouse that is WWE Studios. As such, it has a wrestler as the evil killer bad guy thing. Has there ever been a good horror where a wrestler is the killer? That said, I haven’t seen Bill Goldberg in Santa’s Slay — which sounds genius to me.

The Collector (The Collector): This movie just bad. Seriously, offensively bad. It aims for the heights of the torture-porn kingpin Saw, but fails miserably. What makes it even worse that the bad guy who… erm… collects people, has absolutely nothing interesting going on under that laughable S&M mask.

The Gingerdead Man (The Gingerdead Man): I have to admit I haven’t seen this, but I need to find out just how bad it is. I mean, read that pun. Go on, read it again. Don’t you just want to see Gary Busey as a killer called The Gingerdead Man? I hate judging films before seeing them, but this can’t possibly be any good. Tasty, but terrible.

Leprechaun (Leprechaun): I’d gone back and forth over whether to include this little dude or Chucky from Child’s Play. After some thought, I realised that homicidal dolls are slightly more terrifying than a little Irishman who’s after his pot of gold. Perhaps the most terrifying thing about this series is Jennifer Aniston’s nose.

Those are my picks, but what do you reckon are the worst horror villains ever?


  1. Anonymous

    Jack Frost is really really bad but in an awesome way. If you have not seen it before people you really should.

  2. Santa’s Slay is amazing. You need to see it.

  3. reminem

    I prefer See no evil. Bad Santa was too bad, See No Evil was typical but was fun.

  4. Cerabera81

    no “Thankskilling???”

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