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May 20th, 2018

5 Terrible Horror Sequels

Well before remakes became Hollywood’s big cash cow, studios would attempt to milk a horror movie for all its worth with sequel after sequel. While the name value was often enough to draw in the masses, the majority of the time audiences left the cinema feeling as though their minds and eyes had been as defiled as the bodies they’d seen on screen.

But to be a terrible horror film, a truly worthless piece of dreck, takes quite a special skill. These kinds of films are best enjoyed in an inebriated state, with plenty of buddies around to make the viewing experience actually, you know, fun.

So gather some friends, crack open a cold beer, stick your feet up and enjoy these woeful horror flicks.

Lost Boys: The Tribe: An unnecessary follow-up to a great vampire flick, this showed up around 18 years too late for it to have any relevance. The Lost Boys was a terrific movie of its own time. By the time the sequel was released, there had been so many vampire flicks that it seemed wholly unnecessary even before watching. It didn’t help that the film itself was woeful. There were few shocks, it’s pretty boring and shoddily made. Not worth wasting your time on (sober, at least).

Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2: Dear me, has there ever been such a blatant cash-in as this one? Following the original’s stellar performance at the box office where it became one of the most profitable films of all time (based on the cost-to-earnings ratio), this buys into the folklore created by its predecessor but is just head-bashingly awful and not even remotely scary. It completely dismisses the found footage aesthetic (and in the process completely destroying any notion that the first film was a documentary) to create a suspenseless mess that looked like it just rolled off the horror factory line and had a ‘Blair Witch’ sticker slapped on it.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch: I’ll admit it: this one’s a bit of a cheat: In and of itself, this isn’t actually a horrible movie. It’s perfectly serviceable 80s schlock, where a mask company owner tries to kill American children through his products. Outlandish and nonsensical, yes, but it was also half-decent and even had some a point to make about consumerism. But one question remains that makes this rotten as a sequel — Where the hell is Michael Myers? Halloween <i>is</i> Michael Myers. Stamping a ‘Halloween’ tag on this is little more than a name brand cash-in and an easy way to continue the series without having to bother to come up with anything for its star to do. Lazy.

Saw V: The first Saw was a tremendous thriller, packed with mystery and intrigue as well as some clever gruesome inventions. Since then though, the series has had varying degrees of success — with VI marking a decent return to form. The previous entry, however, was excruciatingly bad. The plot was threadbare, the traps and those caught in them almost an afterthought and a severe lack of Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) meant that this sequel was less terrifying than turgid.

Jeepers Creepers 2: If you’ve ever seen Jeepers Creepers, you’ll have seen around 20 minutes of sublime filmmaking. That opening sequence is as good as just about anything — completely terrifying and fingernail-shreddingly nervy. It’s a shame that the rest of the movie didn’t live up to those heights, but the sequel is pants from start to end. It completely removes any intrigue you might have had about the Creeper. While the film’s logical from the monster’s point of view (it needs body parts to live, can only figure out which parts to take from which person by scaring the crap out of them, makes sense to give a bus-load of high school kids the heebie jeebies at once), it’s a real chore to endure and would have been much better had it not been made at all.

What are your choices for the worst horror sequels ever?


  1. Anonymous

    I liked all the films on this list but Lost Boys The Tribe was ABSOLUTE garbage. I loved Coreys hair piece and stupid tough guy voice.

  2. Trazadone

    I love Halloween III, it’s great b-movie, mad scientist stuff! I was hooked from the opening sequence, in which the Magic Pumpkin is shaped on an old computer screen, line by line. This movie’s got the whole “mystery conspiracy in the middle of nowhere” feel to it, which it shares with Videodrome and They Live. Movies in which the fate of the world is decided in sodium-lit parking lots. Not only is this a good horror movie, it teaches us the valuable lesson that kids who get what they want from their parents also get their faces melted off.

  3. Trazadone

    The worst horror sequel is The Ring 2, of course.

  4. Jeff Moore

    Think you missed the point of Halloween III, should have done your research then written about it.

  5. Jeff Moore

    Think you missed the point of Halloween III, should have done your research then written about it.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jeff, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      I know Halloween III was supposed to take the franchise into a new anthology-type direction, but I reckon the Halloween movies should be all about Michael Myers. If you’re going to start a new horror anthology, it’s easy to say: From the creators of Halloween. That would add the branding value without having to hijack the series entirely.

      There’s nothing wrong with it as a film per se, but as a ‘sequel’, it’s very problematic for me.

      • Anonymous

        Should check out some of the later sequels instead of the epic Season of the Witch, now THOSE are terrible horror sequels.

  6. Boothy69666

    The Grudge 3?

  7. Megabearzz


  8. bigevilworldwide

    How can any lis forget Pet Sematary 2 that movie was just god awful from the story, effects acting and lets not forget Edward furlong who has never been able to act…

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