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April 22nd, 2018

5 Potential Villains for Zack Snyder’s Superman Man of Steel Movie

With Zack Snyders Superman Man of Steel slated for a 2012 release the rumours have hit the web that General Zod will once again be the villain. Zack Snyder today debunked it saying that it is nothing but a rumor and they have not yet selected a villain. This leads me to my list of what I think are 5 villains for the upcoming Superman Man of Steel movie that would make it a fantastic experience for comic book and movie fans. Superman Man of Steel has the opportunity to be the biggest comic book movie franchise yet with not just Zack Snyder directing but Batman Begins/Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan producing and David s. Goyer working on the script with Chris Nolans brother. The potential is immense and for my liking here are 5 villains that I hope they consider for Superman Man of Steel.

#5: General Zod: General Zod although only a rumor at this point would make for a great villain. It would bring back great nostalgia  to the earlier movies where Zod and his gang gave Superman a run for his money. If brought up to the times and with Zack Snyder’s distinct visual style General Zod would be a worthy villain… again.

#4: Mr Mxyzptlk: He appeared in Superman Volume 1 Issue #30 and is an ‘imp’ that originally came to earth to take over the planet only to bang heads with the man of steel. He quickly decided that rather than taking over the planet it was much more fun to cause havoc in Metropolis pulling pranks on Superman and just causing general mayhem. A villain from the 5th dimension he is one of my favourite characters that Superman has ever gone toe to toe with. Mr Mxyzptlk would be a tough villain for Zack Snyder to work with because of the ‘cheesy’ nature of the villain but I am sure Zack is up for the challenge.

#3: Lex Luthor: I really did not like the way that Lex Luthor was played out in Superman Returns. For me he was just not dark enough and diabolical enough. To me Lex Luthor has always been a powerful and evil man who uses his money and influence to not just take over Metropolis but destroy Superman. Lex Luthor was played by Gene Hackman in the 1978 Superman movie and by Kevin Spacey in Superman Returns but both times the role for me was not dark enough. If Christopher Nolan who is producing could do like we saw with the Joker in Dark Knight with Lex Luthor he could have a real success bringing this character back as a villain.

#2:  Red Kryptonite Superman: Red Kryptonite throughout the comics has alot of different effects on Superman from making his hair grow to turning him into a telepath but the best was in Issue #303 where Red Kryptonite turns him into the monster known as ‘The Drang’. This is the least likely route that they will take the story but it would be one of the darkest possible paths. The united states army ends up taking on SuperMan as ‘The Drang Monster’. Another good option for Red Kryptonite which could play into Lex Luthor appearing as well would be Lex Luthor giving Superman the Red Kryptonite and go the route of Action Comics #293 where Superman turns into an irresponsible mess and Clark Kent is forced to contend with his new alter ego doing things he would never normally do as protector of Metropolis.

#1 – Doomsday: Without a doubt the absolute best route to take the new Superman Man of Steel films would be the Doomsday route. Zack Snyder with producer Christopher Nolan could build it into a three picture arc with the final outcome being just as it was in the comics with Superman saving the day.. but also being destroyed. This would cause a lot of problems for the studio from a movie franchise stand point but it would also without question make Superman Man Of Steel the most successful and profitable comic book franchise ever. Bold statement but don’t you agree?


  1. The Parasite or Metallo is the way to go.

  2. Frankcotton

    WTF? No Bizarro? Come on.

  3. Genesisclimber7

    Do people know NOTHING about Superman villains? BRAINIAC, METALLO, DARKSEID, PARASITE, MONGOL…there are scores of better choices out there.

    • Raydingle

      I full heartedly agree with you but Metallo and Parasite would be considered 2nd film villains under Lex Luther’s control. There’s a rumor of Darkside to be in the 1st film, he may have like a slight fight but mainly observing status till 2nd. Mongol and Brainaic would be best suited for the third film

  4. Umm Didn’t they use the storyline of Action Comics #293 in Superman 3 ????

  5. DKnight007


  6. Hill_mark

    i want to see zach snyder bring doomsday to fight superman

    • Raydingle

      The only way DoomsDay will appear is when Cadmus gets really concerned and fearful of Superman. That only happens after DarkSide invades and manipulates Sup’s or if Superman does something risky yet necessary for Cadmus to take such actions

  7. Ibrahim Atchia

    Zack’s right.The two Lex Luthor characters(in Superman the movie & Soperman Returns)were not dark enough.Must be like Dark Knight’s Joker.

  8. Jeff_cobaine77

    please take back Brandon Routh to play superman.

  9. Steven

    Lex doesn’t have to be dark. Hackman was the perfect Lex; an egomaniac who actually is smarter than everyone else, yet is just charming enough that you forget how amoral he is.

  10. Dane342


  11. Too_much_coffee

    I’d like to see Bizarro or Braniac………………..Lex Luthor is played out as a Supes movie villain

  12. Jezzaofoz

    i wanna see Darkseid or mongul that would be epic

    • Calvin

      Darkseid or doomsday is the way to go the battle has to be apocalyptic and devastating,its also a good way to introduce some of the other Dc Universe Characters That Have Also Battled Both Of These Villians ,Superman Returns Was A bit Of A Disappointment so the next Superman Story Has To Be Epic Forget About Remakes Lets See Something New And Unforgettable.

  13. Someone or something

    There won’t be a new Superman trilogy. Man of steel will be the Last Superman movie. After 2012 the rights for Superman in with Warner Bros & return to the estates of the creators. So a new agreement would have to be drawn up.

  14. Peter Brandao

    All I can say as a fan of Superman for Close to 30 years… is I could die a happy man.

    Nothing would make me happier then to see superman on the big screen facing down doomsday in a non cartoon movie… 

  15. Stormy Mitchell

    In deed I think the villian should be doomsday, but save hime for mab of steel 2 or 3. But I dont think he should die fighting him.

  16. Stormy Mitchell

    NO LEX LUTHER!!!!!!!!!! He is not a villian he is a criminal.

  17. Kkey24 Kk

    What about darkside??

  18. Joseph

    I want Superman to fight Doomsday and Red Kryptonite Superman in the movie. and have action figure and vehicle toys.

  19. Joseph

    I want Superman to fight Brainiac and Bizzario in them movie and have action figure and vehicle toys.

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