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April 23rd, 2018

10 Unique Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Movie Villains

Probably every Halloween party you’d go to, there would be a few vampires, frankensteins, freddy kruegers and jason woorheeses roaming around. But surely, there are many more movie villain costumes to choose from apart from the most obvious ones. Some of the ideas I came up with below would require at least some likeness to the original, but very little investment – these costumes could be put together from your own stuff, borrowed from friends,  or, at the very least, picked up at a secondhand store. Though in some cases – special items may be required. But most importantly:  study your character, learn the moves and the lines – and you can’t lose.

Dr. Strangelove (“Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”) You’re a former Nazi scientist, currently helping the world leaders to develop a doomsday machine.

Ideally, it would require a wheelchair, but it may be a bit hard to come by. So you have to settle with a regular chair. Get a pair of half-transparent shades of a certain shape, a suit (any dark color – movie is black-n-white anyway) and a black leather glove for your right hand. Style your hair as if you’ve just been electrocuted and a keep a cigarette (fake one will do) between your teeth. Instead of smiling, unnaturally stretch your mouth, and every now and then, suddenly twitch and pretend to choke yourself with your leathered hand, or give a Nazi greeting with it to all present. Conversation kicker: “Of course, the whole point of a Doomsday Machine is lost, if you “keep” it a “secret”! Why didn’t you tell the world, EH?”

Bill (”Kill Bill Vol.2”) You’re the boss of an assassins (mostly female) gang, Japanese and Chinese martial arts pro and a good father – but still a total bastard.

If you don’t have the right hair, a wig could be a good idea – but not a must. Also you’re going to need a Japanese sword – get a toy one if you can’t borrow a real one from some geeky friend, and a toy gun – Bill’s usual weapons arsenal. As for clothes – you can choose between a plain Chinese shirt and a collarless shirt worn with a cowboy jacket. Now all you need is to stay cool at all times, patronize and speak annoyingly slow – show your sword or gun to anyone who dares to interrupt. Conversation kicker: “I suppose the traditional way to conclude this is we cross Hanzo swords…”

Mr. Blonde/Vic Vega (“Reservoir Dogs”) You’re the meanest and craziest of a bunch of nameless criminals and you enjoy torturing people.

You’ll need a decent black suit with matching tie and a white shirt plus a pair of cool sunglasses. Toy gun sticking behind your belt is also in order here and a plastic cup with a cap and a straw – just poor your drink of choice inside and sip. Most importantly, don’t forget to bring a CD or an iPod with “Stuck in the Middle with You” by Stealers Wheel on it. Play it now and then and do Mr. Blonde’s dance. Just try not to get carried away and cut someone’s ear in the process.  Conversation kicker: “Are you gonna bark all day little doggie? Or are you gonna bite?”

Brick Top (“Snatch”) You’re a criminal boss and horrible “cunt,” ruthless to anyone who tries to cross you – you just feed them to pigs.

Huge, super thick spectacles, elegant black coat and a patterned gentlemen’s scarf should do it for you. Ideally, you’d also need thug-looking types as sidekicks – perhaps there are some people that owe you and will agree to play along. Make sure to look at people as if you could crush them like ants and awkwardly press your lips together when not talking. Learn some “interesting” facts about pigs and feel free to share them with everyone.  Conversation kicker:  “Do you know what nemesis means?” If no one dares to answer – be ready to complete the quote.

Stuntman Mike (“Death Proof”) You’re an ex stuntman, who enjoys killing pretty gals with his “death proof” car. You’re also quite a charmer.

Pay a lot of attention to your hair – it must be voluminous and a bit retro (almost Elvis), and get some makeup to draw yourself a long scar on the left side of your face. Wear a racer style jacket – silver blue or another blazing color. The best part – you can let it go and eat like a pig all night. The downside: you’re supposed to abstain from alcohol. But you are a villain – so feel free to get a proper Pina Colada and lie to everyone it’s “virgin.” Introduce yourself as Stuntmen Mike, and keep your voice and smile dangerously sexy. Be repulsively attractive.  Conversation kicker: “Do I scare you? Is it my scar?”

Nurse Ratched (“One Flew Over A Cuckoo’s Nest”) You’re a tyrant nurse at a mental hospital – you suppress any display of free will in your patients and subject “rebels” to lobotomy.

Naturally you’re going to need a nurse costume. But mind you – none of that mini skirt plus cleavage plus stockings porno nonsense. On the contrary – your outfit must be as conservative as possible – plain white, long sleeves and a matching hat. Also try to work on that 60s hairdo – curiously pinned on top to create volume and parted in the middle. Keep your makeup neutral and remember: no smiling! Lips pursed, eyes – cold and observing. The right “McMurphy” will surely recognize you. Conversation kicker: “So, who would like to share today?”

Norman Bates (“Psycho”) You’re a quiet lunatic running a roadside motel. You claim to have an old bad-tempered mother, but you’re lying – she’s dead and you disguise yourself as her when killing ladies in the shower.

Wear a plain black sweater (a turtleneck would be a good idea) and a white shirt worn under it. Keep your hair – as well as the rest of your look – as neat as possible.  Also you may stuff an old female wig (or anything that looks like one) in your back pocket, so that just a bit of it is showing, and conceal a big plastic knife somewhere among your clothes. It must be easy to pull out and pretend you’re about to stab someone who’s standing with their back at you. But better avoid following girls to bathrooms. Conversation kicker: “Would you like to meet my mom?”

Keyzer Soze (“The Usual Suspects”) You’re a “ defenceless” cripple named Verbal for your ability to talk non-stop, suspected of some involvement in a crime. Police thinks you’re easy prey, but you’re not who they think you are.

Style your hair like Kevin Spacey in the movie, and get a patterned pinkish shirt (or any similar shirt that makes you looks very soft) and a black vest. Now all you have to do is practice limping, and interrupting people’s conversations with irrelevant lines as well as telling them stories you make up as you go – be inspired by everything you see around you. Conversation kicker: “Who is Keyser Soze?”

Agent Smith (“The Matrix”) You’re a security agent of the Matrix and your life’s job is to get rid of Neo and his buddies, who are trying to put an end to the rule of machines, and make sure humanity continues to live in fake reality.

For this one you’re going to need three things – a perfect fit black suit worn with a white shirt and a pinned green tie; a mean-looking toy gun; and appropriate sunglasses. Your facial expressions must vary between ironic smiles and laughs and grimaces of anger. Conversation kicker: “You hear that?… That is the sound of inevitability…”

Dr. Hannibal Lecter (“Silence of the Lambs”) You’re a great psychiatrist, you have a very peculiar way of talking and you also like to eat people – therefore most normal folks are freaked out by you.

Get a plain white shirt – easy, bright orange pants – a bit more complicated, and comb your hair back, stapling it to your scull with lots of gel. Dark eye shadow under your eyes will help create the violently insane look. Keep it sleek, cool and very sinister. Try to always look hungry and inadvertently psychoanalyze random people. Conversation kicker: “Closer, please. Clo-ser… Quid pro quo. I tell you things, you tell me things.”

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