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December 19th, 2018

10 Most Memorable & Shocking Horror Movie Moments

Horror movies in the mainstream tend to be less then shocking to say the least. Now a days when you go to the theatre or rent a horror movie on dvd the plots and scripts as a whole cater to the lowest common denominator and are afraid to take risks or throw out shocking twists that might upset or even confuse the audience. That said over the last 10 years there have been some truly memorable horror movie moments that throw us for a loop and leave us thinking long after we leave the theatre. This is my look at what I consider 10 of the most memorable.

As much as I would like to keep this editorial spoiler free it is pretty much impossible so be warned that this post will contain spoilers so read on only if you dare. Without further ado here are my 10 Most Memorable Horror Movie Moments.

SAW: SAW has spawned a monster franchise of films that has been both good and quite atrocious. Say what you may about the franchise the original film by James Wan and Darren Lynn Bousman is one of the best horror thrillers ever made. The monumental twist to this film comes in the end when Jigsaw reveals himself, gets up from a pool of blood and walks away. The unassuming dead body was so much more and came completely out of left field. A truly fantastic twist and easily one of the best moments in cinematic twists and turns.

MIST: Stephen King has written alot of fantastic books and many of them I have read and loved. Unfortunately when it comes to films most of them are absolutely horrible. The Mist however is the exception to the rule. It is a truly fantastic film that is a perfect mix of religion, sci-fi and terror. The climax of this film comes when the main character escapes the grocery store setting of the film and realizes the entire world is ruined not just the small town they were in. He pulls out his revolver and uses his remaining bullets to kill his friends and his young son… only to discover literally minutes later the whole situation is being brought under control by the US Military. Shocking and sad it might just make you tear up. Easily one of Stephen Kings best film adaptations and easily the best role I have seen Thomas Jane in yet.

FEAST: Feast was made as part of Project Greenlight and has spawned two absolutely horrible sequels. That said the original film is one of the best written, and entertaining gorefests I have ever seen. Dark, violent, disturbing and tongue in cheek humor make FEAST a must see horror film for every genre fan. The twist in this movie comes early when a lone hero storms the bar that survivors are holding out against evil monsters, does his hero monologue and when asked who he is replies ‘I am the Guy thats going to save your asses…’ and then gets ripped to shreds as a monster reaches through the window and tears his head off! For killing the hero completely out of left field and while hes just barely being introduced it is both the most shocking and awesome moment in a horror film I have seen.

MOON: Moon is not a true blue horror movie its more of a sci-fi thriller but I think you can all forgive me for putting it on the list. Its the story of a man working at a mining base on the MOON waiting for his replacement so he can go home to see his wife and family. The shock twist comes when he discovers that he is not who he thinks he is and will never be returning home when a new person arrives at the base unannounced that looks exactly like him. He is a clone created by a greedy corporation! A shocking twist in easily one of the best sci-fi films of the last 10 years.

Sixth Sense: Starring Bruce Willis and directed by M Night Shyamalan this film is from a time when Shyamalan was actually still making great films like this one, The Village and SIGNS. He has since gone on to create some really bad movies which is such a disappointment. Although alot of people saw the twist I for one did not. Bruce Willis plays a psychiatrist trying to help a boy who see’s dead people and as the film progresses he is not able to help this poor boy with his terrifying situation. The twist comes when iti is revealed that Bruce Willis’s character has his own serious problem. He is dead as well!

Spiral: Adam Green is best known for his film HATCHET but it is by no stretch of the imagination his best work. SPIRAL is without a doubt the greatest film he has ever made with his latest film FROZEN a close second. Spiral is the tale of a man with issues who finds a woman he can finally connect with and establishes a friendship that develops quickly into romance. For a man who cant connect with people this relationship becomes an integral part of his life. The twist ending to this movie is so good I am not even going to share it because I want you to go and see it. Spiral is the closest thing to Hitchcock you will experience and be warned its nothing like Hatchet. IF you love a good psychological thriller this movie is for you!

Seven: Starring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt this is easily one of the best roles that both actors have ever played. The two play Detectives investigating seven grizzly murders tied to the seven deadly sins. This film has easily one of the best scripts to come out of the Hollywood machine and features plenty of twists and turns as the two detectives played by Pitt and Morgan work to solve the riddles of the killings before the final seventh killing happens. The huge twist comes in the end when the final sin of ‘envy’ is played out. Much like Spiral I am not going to give away exactly what happens since you need to go and see this movie. Rent it or pick it up on Netflix the ending alone will make you watch this movie many times and likely land it on your favourites list.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers: The remake starring Jeff Goldblum and Donald Sutherland is one of my favourite sci-fi horror films. I saw the original when I was just a sprout and should probably go back to watching it again. In the remake Donald Sutherland stars as a man trying to unravel the secret of the Bodysnatchers who are invading the city and taking over peoples bodies. Their is a ton of build up, terror and suspense as Donalds character works his way to solving the riddle… only to find out that not everyone is as they seem.

Identity: Starring John Cusack this film is the story of a man who is trapped at a small hotel during a bad storm with 10 strangers and over the course of the stay one by one the guests are being killed off. What starts off as a whodunit ends shockingly with John Cusack in the back of a police car being taken away to be executed. He is not a business man at a motel at all he is dreaming and the victims at the motel are all the people he has brutally murdered. A fantastic twist as he goes from sleuth and hero to deranged killer on his way to his end.

Drag Me To Hell: Sam Raimi’s Drag Me To Hell was a polarizing film. You either loved it or you hated it and there did not seem to be alot of middle ground on it. The story is about a girl who works at a bank and refuses a lone to a Gypsy who curses her. She has only a few days before the earth will open up and her soul will be dragged to hell! The twist comes when she finally vanquishes the curse by returning a button to the Gypsy that she had. As the film closes and she is about to leave on a trip with her Fiancee she reaches into her pocket and pulls out the gypsy button realizing what she left in the grave was a collectors coin from her boyfriend and not the button. The ground opens up  and her soul is dragged to hell. Easily the best part of this movie.


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    Horrible list……

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    Oh my God, you really had to spoil me a watching of movei “Moon” by revealing the end…! :S

  3. Bubba

    in your description for “Drag Me to Hell”… it should be “The story is about a girl who works at a bank and refuses a LOAN to a Gypsy who curses her.” not a “lone”…lol

  4. Erinrachael

    Cool list, though not sure why the author spoils the ending of some movies while refusing to do so to others?
    Also, so far every article I’ve read has an embarrassing amount of typos and grammatical errors.  EDIT YOUR ARTICLE IF YOU’RE GOING TO WRITE THIS MUCH, or find another career. seriously.

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