10 Best Horror Movies To Watch on Halloween

  • If like me you enjoy being scared stupid on Halloween then I have a horror movie marathon that is sure to scare you stupid. Although The Walking Dead Season 3 is definitely a highlight for me this Halloween I will still be getting my movie fix as well.

    I already did an editorial on The 10 Best Family Friendly Halloween movies and now its time to take a look at 10 Best movies for us adults to watch on Halloween.

    I have tried hard to not just put together a list of fantastic horror movies but also a list that will cater to all generations. So whether your in your 20’s or in your 40’s you should find a movie or three to enjoy on this list.

    For me every movie on this list of 10 Best Horror Movies To Watch on Halloween is simply put spectacular.

  • Frontieres:

    In recent years I have become a huge fan of French horror films. For whatever reason the French seem to have mastered how to develop a terrifying story that can terrorize you on its own and then throw in enough brutality to make it really leave a mark. Think of it as a mix of JAWS meets HOSTEL.

    In Frontieres a gang of robbers tries to escape to the countryside and soon finds themselves falling prey to a neo-nazi gang that is far more evil then they are.

    Brutal, sadistic and terrifying Frontieres has a truly terrifying story wrapped into some of the most brutal moments ever put to film. A must see but definitely not for the weak of heart.

  • Splinter:

    Toby Wilkins Splinter is easily one of my favorite new horror films. It tells the story of two car jacker’s who carjack a couple and stop at a gas station for supplies only to find themselves set upon by something evil that has come out of the woods.

    Easily the coolest sci-fi horror film since The Thing it showcases Toby Wilkins clear talent as a filmmaker. Well written, violent and terrifying it plays on our fears of isolation and the unknown to a T. The Thing is my all time favorite sci-fi horror film and no other film has come close until SPLINTER.

    Splinter is indie film making at its finest and a testament to the kind of films studios should focus on making instead of these cookie cutter formula movies.. and remakes.

  • Poltergeist:

    Now that I have listed of a couple new goodies its time to look at a classic. Poltergeist is the kind of movie that will leave you sleepless for many a night. For those of you younger folks who have never seen this film you will probably be happy to hear that Sam Raimi is directing a remake. Older fans will no doubt groan at the thought.

    Starring Craig T Nelson Poltergeist is the story of a family that’s home is suddenly haunted by poltergeists and their terrifying experience as they try to survive and escape with the family and their sanity intact.

    A truly terrifying experience Poltergeist is one of the scariest horror movies of all time and one that everyone should see

  • The Exorcist:

    Equally as terrifying as Poltergeist is The Exorcist. Made in 1973 and directed by William Friedkin it continues to be one of the scariest movies ever made about the occult and the devil.

    It tells the story of a teenage girl who is possessed and two priests who are called upon to save her soul.

    A truly terrifying film that will continue to scare generations of horror fans for years to come. In recent years many have tried to duplicate the terror of this film including Eli Roth with his newest film The Last Exorcism but it’s a classic case of often imitated but never duplicated. The Exorcist is truly terrifying.

  • Blair Witch Project:

    There are very few films that scared the crap out of me and Blair Witch Project was terrifying. I saw it when I was about 19 years old and the movie had me sleeping with my snoopy blanky and night light for at least a month.

    The faux-documentary about a group of friends who go out to the woods to find the Blair Witch is an example of fantastic indie filmmaking.

    Made for peanuts it was the most profitable film ever made until Paranormal Activity came along and stole that throne. Definitely a must see on Halloween.

  • Paranormal Activity:

    We can not exactly talk about Blair Witch Project without talking about Paranormal Activity. I was interviewed on the National News just before this film came out and I predicted it had the potential to be the biggest movie ever and lucky for me it came to be so.

    I am not  a fan of the franchise but I am including it because it did not become the most profitable horror franchise of all time for no reason.

    The story of a couple living in a new home that appears to be haunted by something evil its shot just like Blair Witch Project and has gone on to make Paramount hundreds of millions of dollars and has spawned a sequel Paranormal Activity 2 which is currently playing in theaters.

  • The Shining:

    Easily Jack Nicholson’s finest role in my opinion. The story follows a man, his wife and son who move into a resort that is closed for the winter season and Jacks character quickly spirals out of control as he looses his mind and tries to kill his son and wife.

    Stephen King has not had a lot of good movies come from his books but The Shining continues to be one of the must see films based off his books.

    The classic saying ‘Heres Johnny’ will remain with me forever. Jack Nicholson delivers a truly ghoulish experience for fans of terrifying psychological thrillers.

  • Halloween:

    We can not exactly talk about the 10 Best Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween without including Halloween in the mix.

    Directed by John Carpenter and starring Jamie Lee Curtis it tells the story of a psychopathic child who escapes from the mental instituation he has been committed to his entire life to wreak havoc on Halloween.

    It spawned a remake that was directed by Rob Zombie and is surprisingly as good as the original classic film. If you like old school horror watch John Carpenters original and if your more for modern horror then checkout Rob Zombies Halloween remake. Honestly I am going to watch both, something you should also consider.

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

    Halloween scared me but Texas Chainsaw Massacre really scared me when I was a youngster. There is nothing more terrifying then a family of murderous maniacs that are preying on the unsuspecting people around them.

    Directed by Tobe Hooper and released in 1975 it tells the story of a group of friends who visit an old family home and soon find themselves being preyed upon by a murderous villain with a chainsaw and his family.

    Once again just like Halloween this movie was remade by Platinum Dunes and in a rare case I can say the remake is pretty good and worth checking out as well. So just like HALLOWEEN if you like classics checkout the original again but if your into modern horror checkout the remake and remember… you can always watch both.

  • Trick R Treat:

    Trick R Treat is easily one of the best Halloween themed horror movies ever made. An anthology similar to Creepshow it’s a fantastic tale of vampires, werewolves, serial killers and evil spirits.

    Starring Anna Paquin who has since gone onto fame with True Blood it’s a fantastic movie that absolutely every fan of Halloween or horror films should be watching.

    This movie above all others is the must see movie for Halloween. Hands down, no competition!

  • Martyrs:

    Last on my list is a movie that is so disturbing I had to fast forward through parts of it. This is a story of revenge, violence, religious zealots and unbelievable suffering. When I say that Martyrs is violent and disturbing I cannot express that enough. I question how any female fan of the horror genre could ever make it through this film.

    That all said as violent and sadistic as this movie is its power house writing and deep social message make it also one of the most mesmerizing films I have ever seen. It’s a French film like Frontieres and it makes Hostel, SAW and every other so called ‘violent’ American horror film look like Saturday morning cartoons.

    I will warn you that this movie will push the boundaries of what you can tolerate and I for one had to fast forward through portions of it but that does not take away from the fact its an awesome movie that will really move you, but not in a good way.