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April 20th, 2018

Red Princess Blue’s Review

Alex Ferrari is an and coming director who doesn’t seem to get a break no matter how hard he tries. I don’t know whats worse, fighting to get a feature film made or ending up having a feature film made and then buried on the dvd shelves like what happened to the genius film Toby Wilkins did called SPLINTER.

Alex Ferrari also has something in common with filmmaking greats Zach Snyder & James Cameron which alot of us do not. Unlike Cameron & Snyder Alex Ferrari does not make big budget studio pictures that  make boatloads of money and blow our minds in both context and visual appeal. Instead Alex Ferrari makes films that get relegated to incomplete ‘short films’ status and rarely see the wide exposure that he wants.

The really sad part about everything is that Alex Ferrari and his production team are an equal match for Zach Snyder and James Cameron and their creations accept for one major difference. Alex Ferrari makes his films for nickels and dimes and Cameron and Snyder make their films for tens of millions. Alex Ferrari is an unknown filmmaker who with his latest film Red Princess Blues proves that one day he will get his big break and make a Hollywood studio a boatload of money and deliver what fans want, visually appealing and unique filmmaking. If he doesn’t then their truly is no justice in the world of Hollywood.

Alex Ferrari’s first film BROKEN is a great example of a visually astute filmmaker taking his obvious talents and passion to tell a story. Broken is easily one of the most visually impressive short films i have seen and its only flaw was a weak script and a questionable cast but even despite this the film delivers what geeks like myself wanted an intense and visually explosive experience.

In his latest film Red Princess Blues Alex has taken the good and the bad and made a film that is head and shoulders above BROKEN and once again done on a shoestring budget of $10,000.

Red Princess Blues is a twisted modern day fairy tale about ZOE, a young teenage girl who is lured into an after hours carnival tent by the sleazy rock n roll carnie RIMO, she then gets more then she bargained for. It is up to the mysterious PRINCESS, the star of the new knife show at ROSCOE’S FREAK SHOW & CARNIVAL to pull her out of the wolf’s den that she has fallen into.

Red Princess Blues is an impressive visual experience and unlike BROKEN is matched with an equally talented cast and a unique script that suffers only from the fact that Red Princess Blues is to short… but that is why it’s called a short film. My biggest issue with BROKEN despite really enjoying that film as well was the casting and I am happy to say that the director has taken the criticism in stride and upped his game by bringing in some really talented actors. Richard Tyson who plays RIMO exudes creepy and without words is able to permeate the screen with his clear evil intentions towards Zoe. Tabitha Morella who plays Zoe the ‘victim’ in Red Princess Blues delivers a really compelling performance and ooze sexuality while still holding firm to the ‘young girl next door’ image and is without a doubt the standout amongst all the visual eye candy.

Although shot for $10,000 Red Princess Blues is every bit a visual feast a kin with films like Watchmen and 300. Joe Pepe the lead character designer really brought alot to this project and although you wont know his name you will know his work as he spent years working on AVATAR with James Cameron. Joe Pepe working with Visual FX powerhouse Numb Robot has brought a truly polished visual experience that frankly will make you question how they made this film for so litt.e

At the end of the day a film can look great but if the script is poor and the acting wooden it will fail even with the extreme talents of Alex and his team. Case and point here is The Spirit, visually impressive combined with poor direction and an even worse screenplay resulted in one of the worst movies I have ever suffered through

Red Princess blues works because not only is it visually impressive but it has a unique story with a great cast of principal characters. Simply put Red Princess Blues is a blast. It is well executed and well polished and delivers the kind of film experience that fans expect. The shame of it is that it is a short film and needs desperately to be made into a feature film. If a studio is willing to step up to the plate and bring some money I for one believe that the concept of Red Princess Blues works out of the box with a few casting tweaks and will make a boat load of money for producers and most of all please us geeks who like our film experiences intense, visually powerful and unique.

You can buy Red Princess Blues for 99cents on the Apple Store and watch it on your apple devices. If you are a fan of great indie filmmaking and want to help an up and coming team of filmmakers go and buy the short. You will enjoy yourself and put money in the hands of truly deserving people.


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