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May 20th, 2018

Enter The Portal With a New Poster & Trailer

We have scored a new poster for the upcoming new flick The Portal. The film stars Michael Madsen and is I believe slated to be a direct to DVD release.  The Portal (Synopsis): April Meddows, is a medical investigator, working for the state communicable disease unit CDC. Her current investigation is in what at first is believed to be a very dangerous case of raging and gory hemorrhagic fever assumed to be E-bola.
But when the dead man turns out to have no signs of any illness in any of their tests, the mystery deepens. In her field investigations of the man’s mother and girlfriend April finds out that the man was having strange hallucinations. His girlfriend ends up in emergency with the same illness bloody explosive hemorrhaging. She had also complained of voices and hallucinations. Again there are absolutely no signs of any viral, bacterial or other toxins in the woman’s blood.

April and Daniel dig deeper into the investigation and are led to some of the couples belongings that have been kept in a basement warehouse.  They search through the belongings and stumble upon numerous paintings, one painting is small diminutive and curiously completely black. April and Daniel think it’s some kind of mistake, but later find themselves strangely drawn to the creepy painting. They become obsessed with it in fact.

They are lured into it’s simple mysterious beauty. The painting seems to draw them to it and also brings out feelings they have for each other. Eventually Dr. Azira notices that their behavior is strange. They are being overcome by their new relationship and some type of curse put on them by the painting.

One day while staring deep into the painting April sees a child. In fact we see the child is in fact April at a young age. Both her and Daniel are now tormented by the visions they see in the painting. Their children horrifyingly emerge from the painting. Both April and Daniel are now tormented  and hunted by these children. They find out they are not alone in that others are being hunted as well.

April discovers that the cause of the hemorrhagic deadly illness is in fact caused when one comes in contact with their “inner child” from the Portal. She is too late to save Daniel from his evil inner child. April is still hunted by her inner child and decides she must try and destroy the painting/portal before it’s too late.


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