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May 25th, 2018

Alien Anthology New Desktop App

FOX has emailed this morning to let us know about a brand new desktop app they are releasing for the upcoming release of the new Alien Anthology on Bluray. Created in tandem with the release of Alien Anthology, which is out on Blu-ray October 25th, is an innovative new desktop app packed full of new and exclusive content ready for Alien enthusiasts to delve into and discover. The app will allow fans to experience many new insights and details about this iconic film series.

Prepare to immerse yourself in one of film’s most successful and terrifying franchises. Previewed exclusively at Comic-Con, The Alien Anthology Interactive Desktop App is launched today in the UK. You can install and activate the app at

The Desktop App has EXCLUSIVE content from each film, as well as providing a one-stop experience for every Alien fan.


  • NEW Blu-ray only BTS featurettes, interviews & screen tests!
  • Never before seen Storyboards, VFX galleries, and Concept Artwork
  • Twitter & Facebook newsfeeds
  • Music from all soundtracks
  • Custom wallpapers with Push Technology
  • EXCLUSIVE toggle feature with direct access to the Avatar Interactive Desktop
  • Branded windows News, Image Gallery, Video, Music, MyDesktop, Preferences, Retailer, External Links to Official Site and Games


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