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June 24th, 2018

8 New Viral Videos for Paranormal Activity 2

Over the last week a boat load of new viral videos for Paranormal Activity 2 have been released on the web and you can checkout all 8 of them below. They all tie together to reveal a secret but you are going to have to check them out closely to figure out how they tie together and what they reveal about the upcoming sequel to the most profitable film ever made.

Paranormal Activity 2 hits theaters this October 22nd and no its not in 3D thank goodness.


  1. kris

    Thanks for compiling them all together!

  2. 2 & 3 are the same. Check before you claim.

  3. Kayleigh

    I think Katie is staying with her sister. In the first one she mentions how her sister knew about and saw the figure of the demon when they were kids. There is the picture of Micah and Katie on the wall when the baby is crawling down the stairs (the one that was scratched in the first PA). I think all signs are pointing to her staying with her sister.

  4. Shahram

    I love these type of movies… I couldn’t figure it out completely if it is really a demon or another soul from past lives getting revenge or … from this soul in a new born baby. I like to find out more cause the clips were only showing the contact and not much more. Well I am looking forward to it!

  5. Andie

    i agree that she might be staying with her sister… but what does katie want with the baby…?

  6. Cisco

    I think that Katie becomes pregnant from the first PA, then goes to stay with her sister and her family for some help with the baby. I think the baby is going to be born part demon part human. And between Katie and the baby they terrorize the family. I think there is going to be alot more people getting killed too, probably more till the end though like the first one. I just hope the baby and the dog survive, but we all got to assume that one or the other will probably not make it through the whole movie. But this is just a theory…

  7. Afdenard

    I think Kate is the ghost thats stalking them…she did kill her bf in the first one…and if u watch the last video u can see her standing outside….

  8. Afdenard

    actually in the first trailer she’s the one standing in the door way

  9. Tiffnshu

    that is crazzy!!!!!!

  10. Kendra Bowman2

    I loved the first one , can’t wait to see this one!!

  11. Castun

    Its pretty safe to say that that is te same house where mica was
    Killed look at it. Also katie is still possessed but i dont thinknthe baby is hers in fact some sites say its her nephew…i think the baby has an accident somewhere in the movie and dies im guessing the middle. But its a big stretch. I love paranormal 1 an paranormal 2 looks even better

  12. Izzynicole

    i think kate was pregenant in the first one and thats why she came back up with blood on her stomach and paranormal activity 2 the baby is hers and she wants it back so she tries to get it back.

  13. Jdallas

    The first one was great and 2 looks just as good. Usually 2’s are never as good as the first one. Props to the Wrighter/Producer on this one!

  14. Yourculo

    What a ridiculous movie every time something happens the cameras act up? dumb! I rather see scooby doo solve a mystery

  15. Npuckett31

    Let me tell u!!! This movie is AWESOME!I was scared to even go to sleep after watching this..

  16. marie

    the firts one was better than the second one the second one its pretty much about what happen in the first one so its sucks

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