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March 22nd, 2019

Fantastic Fests Closing Night Film 13 Assassins

Fantastic Fest emailed to let us know that the 2010 Closing Night film will be Takashi Miike’s breathtaking 13 ASSASSINS. 13 ASSASSINS debuted at the Venice Film Festival where critics have hailed it as the crown jewel of Miike’s already decidedly dazzling career.

The noble samurai Shinzaemon Shimada is secretly commissioned to assassinate the evil Lord Naritsugu after his bloody rise to power. Assembling an elite group of samurai, Shinzaemon plots to ambush the Lord on his annual journey home from Edo. The courageous samurai know it’s a suicide mission because the Lord is closely protected by a deadly entourage led by Shinzaemon’s nemesis, the ruthless Hanbei. To capture Lord Naritsugu, Shinzaemon and his skilled samurai transform a mountain village into an intricate death trap. But when the Lord finally arrives, the assassins discover they are outnumbered fifteen to one. The day has come for our 13 fearless assassins to face death in a monumental battle of fiery explosions, showers of arrows and clashing swords.


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